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In today’s Your Own Pay podcast, I discussed with you to alternatives to the YouTube network. I assume that most of my readers and listeners have heard of the YouTube platform, even if they don’t have accounts on YouTube themselves. if you’ve been living under a rock and have absolutely no clue what YouTube is, it allows users like yourself and I to upload videos and allow those videos to be viewed by the world. You can engage with the YouTube platform from a computer, a desktop video streaming box, your phone, or of course a tablet. And from my observations, the reason the YouTube platform is so popular because its own by the major search engine company formerly known as “Google”, now known as “alphabet”.


The Google search engine does index videos fairly quickly that are uploaded to YouTube, since they’re both owned by the same company. However, just because you upload a video to YouTube, doesn’t necessarily mean you should be done with that video. There are two alternative video sources that you should be uploading your videos to as well, simply because you can build an audience on those platforms to engage with your potential prospects.


If you’re recording a video, whether that be directly on your phone or maybe in some fancy video editing software on your computer. You should be using that video to its fullest potential. You could even be doing something like I’ve been known to do, that is repurpose content that you’re distributing to your social networks into video. Then, distribute that video to these two alternative video social networks.


The two alternative social networks for video sharing to YouTube are Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Each has their own benefits, and the beautiful thing about it is you can upload to all three, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, directly from your phone. Note, I upload to these services from my iPhone, I’ve not done this from an android phone. 


Each of these video social networks are indexed by Google, maybe not as quickly as YouTube however if you’re attempting to rank for a specific keyword you could potentially show up on three or four different sites if you’re utilizing all of the video social networks and your blog at the same time. Repurposing content is something that I go into in the your own pay Podcast club, not sure what that is? That’s okay, take action now and get on our waiting list because the doors will be open for a brief period of time, eat. Gee. 48 hours! And, those who have access to the waiting list will be the first to learn when I open the doors to the your own pay Podcast club.


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Are you on an alternative video social network excluding the three mentioned above? If so, what networks and how can i find your content? Leave a comment and let me know.