Your Own Pay Podcast with Tom Dekker

Tom Dekker of IHABILITATION CANADA was the weekly guest for this interview on the your own pay podcast. Tom talks about why he came up with the concept of his Feel’n’see tactical diagrams of applications. Listen how a geography teacher effected his life, and how he overcame the fact that he didn’t think he would … Read moreYour Own Pay Podcast with Tom Dekker

Blind Natural Body Builder Interview @trueambitionfit

In this blabcast  for the your own pay podcast I interview Aaron Sands of True Ambition Fitness. Aaron is a blind father of two, and husband! He also is a natural bodybuilder, who shows others how to stay in shape and reach their fitness goals. Take a listen to this podcast to hear his thoughts … Read moreBlind Natural Body Builder Interview @trueambitionfit

Blind Home Cash Machine – Your Own Pay Podcast

In this your own pay Blabcast I had an opportunity to interview Edwin of the Home Cash Machine. If your looking to listen to an inspirational story, with lots of valuable information then this is the cast you should definitely take a listen to. You will learn how Edwin lost vision, and what caused him … Read moreBlind Home Cash Machine – Your Own Pay Podcast