Content Recap for week ending September 17th

This is a recap for the content covered on the Your Own Pay podcast for the week ending September 17th, 2016.

3 blind business owners talk about tools they can’t work without

how assistive technology trainers are screwing themselves

When Shit Hits The Fan, Do You Have A Plan?

Own Up To Your Screw Up

My Interview on The No Excuses Podcast, thanks @maxwellivey

3 Tools As A Blind Business Owner I use

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Published by Michael
Assisting small businesses with efficient lead generation, Michael was the Assistive Technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of his mom in 2012. After that drastic change in his life, and taking responsibility for his 3 younger brothers, Michael decided to learn the tools and tricks for lead generation on platforms small business owners like yourself should be leveraging but don't have the time to.

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