DM2: Calendar Management Tools

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Wait… You aren't using your calendar… ?
Well here's the first tip… Start using your calendar! ?

We'll jump right in and let you know why using your calendar is so crucial to your life and your business. Find out what happened in Michael's life that made him start using his calendar…

We'll also discuss the calendar services that we use, and find out how we manage to quickly create new calendar events.
You'll also get a few tips on how to automate your calendar and how to best coordinate scheduling appointments with others.
Bonus… You'll also get to meet Michael's personal assistant, Amy…??‍?
We'll also figure out how to make sure Amy keeps an eye on the family calendar… to keep Michael from being double-booked????

Be sure you schedule about 13 minutes to get all these tips and tools this week. You can follow us on Twitter:
Damashe is @damashe
and Michael is @payown

Tools Mentioned.

This show was an absolute blast to do! We know that we managed to help Michael out, but we want to hear from you… Do you have some awesome calendar management tools to share?
Do you have a question or comment about something we discussed?
Chime in in the comments section… we'd love to continue the conversation with you??

deleting a Slack team with your eyes closed

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In this cast I walk you threw deleting a slack team with your eyes closed. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, because I’m announcing something we are working on in the intro, that is only heard if you listen to the podcast. You can connect one on one with myself and the hosts of the your own pay podcast network.

How do you delete a team on slack with your eyes closed?

  • Log into
  • Find the “delete team” heading
  • confirm you want to delete your team
  • enter your password (and don’t forget it like I did)
  • Select “OK” on the confirmation dialog
  • Follow along in the video below

You have deleted a slack team with your eyes closed

And that’s how you delete a slack team with your eyes closed. Did you enjoy this content? If so, don’t forget to share with your most active social media site, because someone your connected to will as well…

Delete a team in slack with your eyes closed, learn how via #yopcast

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Nasreen of Project Starfish

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This week’s guest Nasreen Bhutta, is the CEO of Project Starfish America

“”My passion has always been to make a difference in the lives of others” “

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Who is Nasreen Bhutta

I want to thank Nasreen for writing this entire BIO up. If you have red the blog for any length of time, you know that this isn’t my writing style. 🙂

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments and get to know Nasreen more.

Linked In Profile Photo of Nasreen Bhutta

Nasreen Bhutta is currently the Chief Executive Officer at project Starfish America ;Part of MIT Start-up Exchange, an organization that reskills, reshapes and relaunches  the careers of people with Disabilities, by providing opportunities in the area of  leadership, skill building , and enhancing Business acumen in accordance with present day  industry demands thru experiential learning.

In this capacity, Nasreen currently oversees human resources, business development, and Project Management and customer relations.  She has created a comprehensive workforce Development training program, and played a pivotal lead role in establishing the 60 Minute 2 Impact initiative, where successful professionals share their knowledge, wisdom and life experiences on live calls. Her effective moderation skills bring out the desired impact from the sessions. Currently, Nasreen has developed a global Student Leadership initiative, focusing on career goals, problem solving thru real time projects with industry thus building futuristic leaders.

What sets Nasreen apart, is her remarkable leadership qualities, perfection in expectation of duties, a positive approach to problem solving, and overall mentoring and training of the team!

Nasreen enjoys, interacting with people with different cultures and professional backgrounds, she is focused on making a difference in lives of others. An avid lover of Glass Art, likes Travelling and Music enjoys Event planning, a fan of thrilling Coasters and lives with her Daughter in Toronto Canada.

Learn about this charismatic funky spontaneous and fun loving individual who loves to make a difference in lives.

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Contact Nasreen

-Twitter: @ Nasreen1968




nasreen.bhutta@pstarfish. org

What is Project Starfish America?

Project Starfish America helps to rescale, reshape the lives of people with disabilities and helps to re-launch their career through contemporary skill building. Nasreen once took a copy character quiz which describes who you are and that helped her to understand what kind of personality she has. This helped Nasreen to teach, train and mentor others. Especially when it comes to the disability sector

I help people grow, evolve, and transform themselves.

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Nasreen knows how to use assistive devices.

Her life changed in 2010 after being married and then getting a divorce.

When her daughter was in 6th grade she had to work on computers as Nesreen’s daughter was diagnosed with diabetes.

Listen to this weeks episode to learn more about Nasreen, and how coasters and glass play an impact in her life.

coasters and Glass impacted this passionate  professional blind individuals #yopcast

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Manage That Inbox – DM1

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Manage That Inbox.

In this first episode of the Your Own Pay podcast with Damashe and Michael, dubbed the “DM” series until we come up with a better name, we chat with you about ways that we are able to handle the overwhelming clutter that is your email inbox. If your ready to Manage that inbox, then listen and share this episode with your most active social media networks. It is our hope that on a weekly bases, every Tuesday mornning, you can listen to some new tip or tool. If you have something you want to learn about, feel free to connect with us, and of course your ideas and thoughts are welcome in the comments.


It’s time for you to Take notes, and get yourself to Inbox Zero.


Ready to manage that inbox


If your ready to manage that inbox then you need to take careful note of Things discussed in this episode including:
G-Suite for email hosting (You will also learn more about these tools in future DM episodes)
Sanebox for bringing sanity to your email. (Clicking this link will support the Your own pay podcast via a CPA offer from Sanebox. You get a $5 credit, and I get paid a commission… I forget the amount but once one of you chooses to use the link I’ll be sure to share 🙂 )

  • Email rules for automated email filing (you can do this locally, or via using the automation services like Zapier and IFTTT)
  • Using labels/folders to organize your email (but be careful with automation, Damashe and Michael share reasons in this episode why)

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Damashe is @damashe and Michael is @payown

Did we help you Manage that Inbox?

If we did, then let us know in the comments.

“Learn to manage that inbox with Damashe and Michael in this #yopcast episode.

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