DM6 – 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS

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DM6 – 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS

cool tools for MacOS and IOS

On this episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) Damashe and Michael want to share some of the cool tools we use for getting work done every day. We start out today's episode with Michael talking a bit about his favorite first cool tool:

Textexpander, 2017 first cool tool for MacOS and IOS

The first cool tool and Michael's toolbox is textexpander. If you're interested in this tool after listening to this weeks episode, click on one of the links in our reference links for this weeks episode section to save yourself 20% on your subscription, and show a little support for the podcast. Michael has been using this tool more and more lately, and shout out to Marlin from Trinidad and Tobago for asking all of the questions he's asking, it's making Michael use this amazing package more than he might have in the past.

Both Damashe and Michael love using textexpander and you can now get textexpander on windows. Listen to this weeks episode to learn some examples of textexpander uses.

It can be overwhelming, however it’s our hope that the examples given in the graphic above as well as in the episode will help you get started with this powerful tool. Damashe gave you some amazing advice in this episode, that is start off with a few easy things:

  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your Mailing address

It may also be worth starting out with simple things like:

  • username you often use
  • Or any suggestions that are displayed by the textexpander software…

Check out this weeks episode for more information, and take control of your text.

Drafts, 2017 second cool tool for MacOS and IOS

Damashe shares Drafts with us in this weeks second cool tool for MacOS and IOS. You'll definitely want to listen to this weeks episode to learn why he prefers to use drafts over the native notes application which is what Michael has used forever. Additionally, at the six minute mark, Damashe tells you a quick story that will help you understand his reasoning for putting drafts at the bottom right corner of his dock.

Workflow, 2017 third cool tool for MacOS and IOS

The third cool tool shared in this week's episode is an IOS application that Michael uses quite regularly. Workflow, has the tagline of:

Spend less taps, get more done.

And allows you to do just that. In this weeks episode, both of your house provide you examples of how they're currently using workflow, and ways you could use workflow as well. The amazing thing about this application is the new Sheridan this article,

Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone | TechCrunch

This news occurred a couple of weeks after this podcast episode was reported. However, as Damashe has brought to Michael's attention several times, with Apple owning this application now the possibilities one can use for accomplishing tasks on their IOS devices Will be limitless.

Michael wonders, can you imagine the possibilities when workflow is eventually integrated completely within the Apple ecosystem?

Being able to take tasks and run them from your watch, and have actions occur on your TV…

Enough of that thinking of what could be, and more back to the true reality.

Listen to this weeks episode to hear about how Michael can tweet out some of his activity results, share websites to notes, why you might have redundant items on the share sheet, and also an example of being able to always make it home thanks to the workflow app.

Ulysses, 2017 fourth cool tool for MacOS and IOS

Damashe shares Ulysses with us as his Second cool tool and this week's final one. He explains to us about how editing is easier in this application than with others, out the bulk of his writing occurs in this application, and how this application differs from the draft application previously mentioned. Interesting, both of his applications are writing applications, do we have a rider on her hands?


Michael also shares a few of his favorite findings of this application after using it for about a week.

Shhh, maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but he's actually using it like 1000% of the time now…


More about these 2017 fourth cool tool for MacOS and IOS

If you want to learn more about the Cool tools mentioned in this weeks episode you can use the reference links below,

don't forget to listen to the examples given.

What type of cool tools would you like to hear more about? Your feedback is what provides us the direction we need to be going in.

Commenting below should work,

let us know and don't forget to help us grow.

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Reference links:

Try TextExpander and save 20%


Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

In this YouTube video, I’m going to walk you through the process of deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed using voiceover on the Mac operating system. For your reference, I’ll be using Safari and you’ll be able to follow along with me. I’ll outline the steps for you that I took from below, so if you have any questions well reviewing the video hopefully this outline will help.

Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

Here are the steps I took to delete my YouTube channel using voice over.

This is a screenshot of the youtube play page for the video titled "Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed"
Check the video out to follow these steps with me.

  • started out at
  • Look for the text that says:

Account profile

Photo that opens a list of alternate accounts

Popup Button

  • Select “youtube Settings” link, under the name of the channel your working with

Side note: To know what channel your accessing the settings for, once you access that list of accounts the first account red off is the name of the channel. Under the channel name will be the amount of subscribers you have as well.

  • On the settings page, find the heading level 3 toward the bottom called “Account information”
  • Find the link titled “Advanced”

To access the Advanced link directly, be sure your signed into the correct youtube channel and

Click This Link To Access Youtube Advanced Settings

  • Start navigation from the bottom of the page and use vo+Command+shift+H to find “Heading level 3, Delete channel”
  • The first heading you come to on this page is a heading level 1, “Remove youtube content”, followed by your channel image and a prompt to

Hide or delete your youtube content

  • Choose to hide or remove

Hide makes all your youtube videos unlisted

  • Read threw the checkbox’s and check all of them
  • Then tab to

Delete my content

  • Interact with the popup web dialog and confirm you want to delete your youtube account by entering your youtube channel name the way it’s displayed without the quote signs.
    – after you have entered your youtube channel name, find the

Delete my content

Button and select it

  • You will finally see a heading level 1 that says:

Content deleted

  • and your youtube content has successfully been deleted with your eyes closed.

email marketing automation examples – DM5

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In this episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) Michael and Damashe talk all about email marketing automation examples.

Starting things out, Damashe talks about the first “mailing list” he joined, “VIPhone – Google Groups” and your also going to here examples of how mailing lists and email marketing lists are different.

Michael then shares what an email list is and gives examples of lead magnets and how you can automate the delivery of this free reason for people to enter there email addresses.



email marketing automation example

Damashe explains a why it’s important for you to listen to these email marketing automation examples, as a business owner it’s important to leverage your time. The auto response that you receive list typed up wants, but goes out customized to the individuals that the person is receiving it Austin thousands of times. The person sending this message doesn’t have to always send a message, they leverage technology to be able to start a relationship with the customer.

Michael talks more about how you don’t want to build your full relationship via email, however leveraging email auto responders is a great way to start the relationship process and get to know the people who are consuming the content that you’re producing.

questions asked in this episode about email marketing automation examples

Some of the answers you will get when you listen to this episode include:

  • Why should I use email marketing automation?
  • Why would I use this, it seems so inpersonal
  • How you can segment the message your audience receives via leveraging email and automation
  • one tip Damashe gives that you should use when using these email marketing automation examples
    • Why Michael switched from AWeber to Convertkit
  • What service Damashe used
  • and some of the features that keep him with his current email marketing providers.

It’s our goal that in this series of podcasts you get a glimpse into the high level aspect of the knowledge that both Damashe and Michael have, your feedback will help direct where we go with this podcast in the future, and that a difference by eliminating all of your excuses.

If you’d like to listen to a previous episode, click here for all Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) podcast episodes

Don’t forget two shares this episode if you got any value out of it with your most active social media. Next week, we’re going to share with you our favorite cool tools, you’re definitely going to love that content if you like what we’ve published thus far. And don’t forget, cool tools is the last episode we’ve recorded where Michael has the horrible microphone, so you’ll not want to forget to tune into it.

“Email Marketing Automation Examples, listen to Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) “

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DM4: Social Automation Tools

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DM4: Social Automation Tools

Wait… social automation… You can’t automate society…
You are right, but we can automate the information shared socially, thanks to the tools discussed in this week’s episode.

Social automation is all about getting your message in front of people on the social networks, without spending all your valuable time on your computer or mobile device.

In keeping with an effort to help you automate the tasks you know you need to be doing, this weeks episode is brought to you thanks to TextExpander.

Simplify your workflow, and put your computer to work for you. Try it out free for 30 days, then get 20% off for your first year simply by using our links. Save money, and support the podcast. Win win all around.

Automation Discussions

Damashe and Michael discuss how to schedule your media posts to Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the media outlets that allow you to get in front of your audience.
We also talk about the importance of analyzing your audience, and determining the optimum times to get their attention focused on your message, and how not to overload them with info.

Michael also reveals the automation tools that are already a part of the social networks we use everyday.
This episode is packed with information to empower you to get in front of the people and take back some time for yourself through social automation.

SSSHHHHH… the social media post where you saw this episode… was probably scheduled with one of the tools mentioned?

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Links to things mentioned

teaching you 3 ways we are using Trello with Automation

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teaching you 3 ways we are using Trello with Automation

In this podcast episode I’m going to teach you 3 ways that we are using trello with automation in our workflow to keep the podcast moving.

I was going to record a video for you this week, but decided two things.

  • first of all I wanted to play with this text editing software more
  • secondly I’m loving the way this Mic brings my voice out
  • oh and I guess thirdly I’m going to be dropping an experience video on youtube later today anyways

How are we using Trello?

So I wanted to share 3 ways to use Trello with Automation and these are what we are doing for the podcast.

  • leveraging Butler for Trello
  • Using Ifttt and Zapier
  • and listen to learn the 3rd way

Listen to this weeks teaching episode

To learn more about these 3 ways I shared with you that we are leveraging trello and automation to make our workflow zing!

What are you doing right now that you wish you didn’t have to do?

Have you considered ways to automate those things?

Lets start a conversation in the comments, I’m really excited to learn your thoughts…

Host of the your own pay podcast interviewed on the SBP podcast

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Host of the your own pay podcast interviewed on the SBP podcast

In this episode Yours truly, the founder of the your own pay podcast was interviewed on the SBP Podcast. Michael and Teresa interviewed me and as Teresa said I’m

  • A little odd
  • A little Out of the ordinary
  • but she also called me ‘Well Worth It’ 😉

You can listen to the original episode and get links to content mentioned in the beginning of this episode on the 26 Interview with Michael Babcock

Who is Michael Babcock on the SBP Podcast

Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden expected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i’m ready to wow your audience with my knowledge i’ve acquired.

What’s going to be on this interview with the SBP Podcast

In this episode of the SBP Podcast repurposed onto the Your Own Pay Podcast you will learn things like:

  • what marketing methods I am using to reach out to my audience
  • What the biggest component to my success online is
  • will my strategy work for you if you’re not marketing to blind individuals?
  • What are the next marketing areas or trends that you need to be focusing
  • on in 2017
  • what part is live video going to play in marketing?
  • Why is it important to master the social media platform that you’re on?
  • Branding knowledge obviously with tools included two.

DM3: Getting Automated

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DM3: Getting Automated

Why do you need to “Get Automated”?

Are your computers and devices working for you?
Can you focus on the enjoyable part of work and let some the tedious tasks get done behind your back?

If you listen to this week’s episode… then you will certainly be on your way to automating your life☺️

Yep… that’s right… We are all about getting automated. From automatically getting notified of sales, to magically cross-posting to your social networks, we’ve got you covered.

What are some examples of how getting automated can help

Learn how Michael automates some aspects of building his email list… and how during the episode, he figured out a better way of doing it.
Find out how Damashe gets reminded to call people back, and handles all of his receipt filing.

Automation can:
* Filter emails out of your way
* Create WordPress posts on your behalf
* Remind you to do something at a specific location,
* and a million other little things.

Basic Automation Tasks

Listen as we discuss some basic ways of automating tasks, then go get automated!
Let us know how automation helps you, or how you wish it could in the comments below.
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Links to things discussed

Affiliate notice:
Some of the links here may be affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small percentage after you make a purchase. This percentage in no way affects the amount that you pay, the price is the same either way. Using these links will help support the show.
If you don’t wish to use our referral links, just Google for the product or service mentioned.

blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while using Fantastical 2

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blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while  using Fantastical 2

In this episode your going to learn how I am blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while  using Fantastical 2. If you didn’t know, Evan is my younger brother who is currently detained in juvenile detention of Montana. I feel bad, because I haven’t been calling him as much as I could have, so I decided why not show you guys how I’m going to remind myself to call him.


The episode I mentioned in this podcast that you should probably check out his the Damashe and Michael Talking Tech (DM) episode 2. Find it here, and take control of your calendar.

thanks Amanda for your question.

Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event

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Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event

In this podcast episode you get to here Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event. I had a blast with this, and think that if you listen to the entire event then you will as well. I got to hang out with some fun people, and learned some powerful stories from the adventures they have gone on.

In this episode, you will here about discrimination I faced, my love for working in Alaska, and the sad story of how I got started online.

Michael Babcock wasn’t the only presenter at the Launchers event

If you listen to the entire event, you will here from Amanda, Maryann, Mel, Nasreen, Myself, and Gabe. Vashawn from Fedora Outlier was the host of the event, and one cool thing has that all of the presenters who presented are giving something free to the subscribers that were acquired during this event. So, if you signed up to be live on the Launchers event, then your going to get something free from me toward the end of March…


How did my presenting on the Launchers event help me?

I was able to keep my speech under 11 minutes, if I remember correctly it was 10 minutes and about 4 seconds. This is going to help as my goal this second quarter is to do a lot more public speaking. The all access program is opening the end of march, and I’ve got some exciting news about how both presenters on the Podcast network are going to get paid from the membership but more importantly you and lifetime access members can as well.


Being on the Launchers Event also showed me that I need to spend more time with my family. This means that it’s going to cost a lot more to work with me one on one, and I’m concluding a few projects I’m currently involved in so that I can structure this new pricing structure. Obviously people want to learn the knowledge I have, so I’ll be focusing on the 4 courses I’m planning on releasing this year, and if someone wants me to do the work for them then I’ll need to get paid more. An example, now if someone wants me to build a website for them, it’s a $997 install fee of WordPress, and $97 per optimize press page I build them. They also have to use convertkit and Optimize press if they want me to build websites with lead capturing abilities, because this is the setup I work the best with. If you don’t want to invest this into your business, then you can take courses with all the information in one place, or find the information threw the tuns and tuns of content I’ve published.


So was attending the Launchers event worth it for me? Yes, I think it was, and am excited to participate in the Launchers Event 2018. Expect a opt-in link soon for information about attending it, and it won’t be on the phone…



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