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In this Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) episode we are going to discuss the benefits of voip for business.

screenshot showing the IOS10 keypad for visual representation in the 10th DM podcast titled benefits of voip for business
This is a screenshot of the iPhone keypad for the DM10 benefits of voip for business podcast episode

Communication… Communication… Communication!
In business, communication is key. One of the most important ways of communicating is talking, which usually means the phone. Your customers and employees can always send you an email, but there times when hearing another human voice is the best means of sort out potential problems.
This means that your business needs a phone number, a separate number from your everyday personal phone. In the past, you would probably be stuck carrying two cell phones, or having multiple phone lines in your house. No more of that… you still need that work number, but it can all be contained on one device. This is where a VOIP service comes in to play.


VOIP, (voice over internet protocol,) gives you a second number for business, or a full blown PBX service in the cloud. Let Damashe and Michael tell you why you need VOIP.

benefits of voip for business

Having a second number for business will ensure that you are not dealing with business calls after hours. Michael gives a great example of when simply turning off your phone just wouldn’t work.
There are several ways of obtaining a second phone number, separate from your personal cell. Damashe and Michael discuss some of the services that handle all the set up for you, leaving you to only choose a service plan, and set up your forwarding phone numbers. You can get yourself a number that just forwards calls, or choose a more advanced set up with personalized extensions and voicemail boxes.


The sounds heard in this episode at marker “01’31” is thanks to the video at:

Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh, NC – Part 1

Do give it a listen if you’ve not before.

DIY Options for voip for business

Of course, there are the DIY solutions. Michael explains how you can build out your own PBX service, with the features you prefer, sometimes at a significant price difference from the turn-key solutions.
We all have used VOIP at some point, but this episode will introduce you to the VOIP options for your business. No matter whether you choose a DIY solution, or a turn-key solution, Damashe and Michael agree that you must have a phone number just for handling business. Share your thoughts in the comments, or chat with us on Twitter, @damashe and @payown.

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Christine of Insightful publications – todays passionate  professional blind individual

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This week’s guest is passionate professional Christine of Insightful publications.

Here’s how you can get connected with Christine

Christine is a visually impaired individual putting together her resource handbooks to ensure that the books are up to date for each individual assisting blind individuals, or for the blind person herself, at the time of printing.

Insightful Publication started in Dec 2009. It is operated solely by me.

As of now there are 24 states resource handbooks. These resource handbooks have a lot of information about the blind such as

  • Employment
  • housing
  • transportation

and it also includes the contact information on the local, national and International level.

Brief explanation of the layout of the publication

The way the publications  are laid out

  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • Website
  • Brief Description of services or products offered

The Formats

  • large print on request (mailed to you through free matter for the blind)
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF, html
  • ritchtext format.


they take check, money orders , Paypal and you can go to the site to place orders and learn more.

Updates to the book

When the book will be updated they will send the reminder that the book is updated and they can request the updated version. And the person who purchases the book gets the updated reminder, so if one state is updated you don’t have to worry about others who bought the list getting told about this information.

If state is not listed can people contact you and request with the status is? Yes, people can reach out but they have to send an email. Next state is North Dakota

DM9: G Suite Overview

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Today, let us answer the question, what is g suite?

In previous episodes Damashe and Michael talked about managing your inbox and managing your time… and the same tool was mentioned in both episodes.
So this week, we are focusing on that tool, and why it is a key piece of any business infrastructure. Yep… we are talking all about G Suite this week.
Damashe and Michael are both longtime G Suite users, from back when it was known as Google Apps for business.
Listen as we give you a quick intro to the G Suite services, including email, calendar, contacts, and cloud storage. Michael points out some of the main advantages of paying for G Suite services, one of which is your company branding.
Damashe talks about how great it is to have Google’s infrastructure working for you, customized to your preferences and needs.
Damashe and Michael also share some of the ways they are putting some additional features of G Suite to work for them in interesting ways. You have got to hear Michael’s plan for keeping key clients in the loop, and initiating client interaction.
Damashe explains how easy it is for a small business to now have the same type of corporate infrastructure without the associated cost and overhead once necessary.
The information shared in this episode will be a major key for any business owner or entrepreneur.

Share this, it’s possible your connections may wonder what is g suite

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for 20% discount with purchase
* list of google products
* G Suite – Wikipedia
* G Suite Pricing
* G Suite FAQs
* G Suite Marketplace



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two factor authentication examples – DM8

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two factor authentication examples – DM8


Last week, we talked to you about 1Password for securing your online life with strong passwords.
This week, we’re taking a 2nd step☺️ it’s all about two factor authentication examples.
Because sometimes, despite your secure passwords and you not using the same password in multiple places, things can still happen out of your control. One example is if your email provider loses control of the database with all the user names and passwords, and the hackers manage to crack their encryption. Are you now at risk?
If all they have is your user name and password, they could login as you, unless you are using 2-factor authentication. This means in addition to your user name and password, you must also have a randomly generated code to enter to prove you are you.

Damashe will explain what 2-factor authentication is, and how it typically works.
Michael asks

Where should you use 2-factor authentication?
The answer might surprise you…?
Damashe and Michael discuss some of the places you should have 2-factor active, including:
* Your email account
* Your financial institutions
* Your cloud storage account
* Your hosting company
* and your WordPress site.

Michael shares a time when 2-factor should have been on and wasn’t, and why he’s using it now.
So you may wonder,

What’s a good app or good way to get these codes?
Damashe has several suggestions, all linked below.
Leave a comment below, and follow @damashe and @payown.

Links for two factor authentication examples

* 1Password Teams 2-factor support
* [Mat Honan’s cautionary Tale](

* Google Authenticator
* Authy
* Duo Mobile
* Toopher

DM7: 1Password

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1Password team admin screen

Show notes updated to reflect the corrections in links as of
Wednesday, Apr 5At 8:15AM PST (west coast time)

DM7: 1Password

Let's be completely honest… We humans are terrible at remembering things. This can be as simple as forgetting why we opened the fridge, to forgetting that all important date we should never forget.?
And of course, we certainly can't remember a different password for all of our different online services, accounts, and networks…?

No worries, Damashe and Michael are going to introduce you to 1Password, which will at least solve the problem of keeping your internet life secure.
In this episode Damashe will explain what 1Password is and why you should be using a password manager to secure your online accounts. Damashe also explains some of the features of 1Password beyond storing your user names and passwords.
Hint it won't help you with remembering that all important date, yeah, you know the one… check out dm2 for our tips on using your calendar. ?

Find out what held Michael back from using any password manager, and why he now loudly recommends everyone use 1Password. Michael and Damashe also discuss the overall cost of 1Password, and some of the differences in the family and team subscriptions.
Michael also asks the question

As an Apple platform user, why wouldn't I just use iCloud Keychain?

We wrap up this week's episode with this advice:
Start taking your online security more seriously by using a password manager, and take advantage of the 1Password free 30-day trial and decide if it is right for you.
Share your thoughts below, and connect with us on Twitter by following @damashe and @payown

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