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DM21: Relationship Building with your Seva Subscribers DM21: Relationship Building with your Seva Subscribers Image of the Seva Logo We’ve talked before about email lists, and how important it is to start building one. This week, we talk about how to continue building a tighter connection with your subscribers.

  • Direct Connection
  • Providing Value

One reason for building an email list is to have that direct connection with people who want to hear from you. While social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect with people, you don’t have control of how you can reach those people. With an email list, you can decide to send a special announcement to only the people who have not been engaging with your prior emails. If Facebook decides to make a change in who sees your posts, your email list remains in tact and everyone you email sees your emails. We also discuss giving value to list subscribers in return for their email address. This could be a free resource you’ve created, a discount on a product or service you provide, or just direct access to more high quality content from you and your trusted network. What you don’t want to use your list for is to just sell sell sell everytime. Of course, you may have a product to sell, but building a relationship with your subscribers will help them to understand why they should spend their money with you. Ultimately, you want to provide value to your subscriber base and demonstrate to them that they are much more than just a number on a list. Remember, you can reach out to us on Twitter @damashe and @payown. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, then you should download this free resource (and get added to our email list) The 10 plugins we use for wordpress… [Seva form=5033895] Links for this Episode

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Assisting small businesses with efficient lead generation, Michael was the Assistive Technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of his mom in 2012. After that drastic change in his life, and taking responsibility for his 3 younger brothers, Michael decided to learn the tools and tricks for lead generation on platforms small business owners like yourself should be leveraging but don't have the time to.

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