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DM26: Crowdfire, Meet Edgar, the Power of Social Media Automation

CrowdFire and Meet Edgar
CrowdFire and Meet Edgar

This week, we are revisiting a topic discussed in DM4, social media automation. Automating your social media publishing is important for anyone using these channels for marketing purposes, but you can’t lose sight of the key, which is engagement.
This week, Michael is going to tell us all about some new tools that can help you level up with your engagement and promotion.

The main reason you want to develop strategies for automating your social media posting come down to the magic phrase, maximizing your efficiency😊
We have all experienced the time loss phenomenon that is Facebook or Twitter. Wait, you haven’t heard of this… Let me explain.

You go over to your Twitter app, with the intent of sharing a link, and maybe responding to some mentions. The next thing you know, an hour has passed, and you are late for a conference call. Sound familiar? Yeah… thought as much😉

One way to avoid this trap, is to automate your posting. But even better than that is having a way to speed up all your interactions on social media. For example, wouldn’t it be great if you were reminded of tweets you should reply to, or if you were given a selection of potential content to share with your followers? Michael explains to me how Crowdfire is doing just that for him.

I was excited to hear about how the other new tool Michael has been using works. Meet Edgar has made it much easier for Michael to schedule a month’s worth of content to be posted to Twitter and Facebook, and even better, automatically reposting past content that still has value.
This was a great episode to learn more about social media automation, including the new tools and strategies, and a webinar coming up.
connect with us on Twitter, @damashe and @payown👋

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Setting your Can-Spam, Name, and reply email up in convertkit

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Setting your Can Spam, Name, and Reply email up in Convertkit

If you enjoy todays posting, try convertkit for your first month free.

visit this link to try convertkit free for a month

We’re going to fill out the important key information for your convertkit account.

I am still on that page that told us that there was one more step and I continued reading down that page.

Noticing that there actually are a few more steps

let’s go ahead and fill out this form real quick and you can substitute any of this information with your information,

continue reading down the page after it tells you to return to your email to confirm it you’ll see the following:

Antispam laws require a physical address where you can be reached at

This address is found at the bottom of every email.

Street address

and of course you can put a PO Box there as well I’ve seen a lot of people doing that.

   so I'm going to grab the street address information that Mitch uses for his Can-spam requirements and Pace that in here, 

     after you filled all that information out you'll be prompted to enter your  website. 

This is the main site you will use with convertkit, ( you can obviously use convert kit with other sites as well,however in this field please put your companies main site)

so I’ll paste in the URL that were using for this client.

And then the last thing we have to fill out on this page is your default email settings. This is the name and email address that will be used as a default for your account, you can change it later or override it on individual emails. Or broadcasts or sequences.

I’m going to put the from name here

We’ve now got the reply email address, and we will press VO right arrow until we get to

save your information

and we’ll select that option.

Now unfortunately convertkit does not with voice over show you that this information has been updated, however when all you see is that you have one more step which is to confirm your email address then go ahead and confirm your email address, then that page will go away and you’ll be ready to go.

Your next lesson tomorrow is going to be a brief overview of terms to know foru sing convertkit.

Did you enjoy todays lesson?

If so, feel free to try Convertkit out for a month click to try convertkit


If you click a link in this or other content published by me, it’s possible you may be clicking an affiliate link.

Clicking an affiliate link simply means i took the time to establish a relationship of some sort with companies so these companies would pay me a portion of what you pay them for the product or service you order.

I do this because it’s my goal to do what i can to provide the best life for my younger brothers and my wife who has done so much for our family.

You do not pay any more for ordering threw an affiliate link then what you would pay if you ordered the content directly threw the company producing the product/service.
I’ll be sharing more information about affiliate marketing in the Payown.Club
Contact me if you have any question about what this means for you, and if you don’t wish to support me threw using affiliate links I publish, feel free to google the company/product/service.

LaunchBar Super Powers – DM 25

DM25: LaunchBar Super Powers

Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search
Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search

Alright, we’re finally doing the show on LaunchBar!

Your welcome Marlin

LaunchBar is one of my must have apps on any Mac I use. If I don’t have LaunchBar installed, or for some reason it quits, my Mac feels broken. I literally have to stop and figure out what is going on.


(But we both feel the same)

You will hear some people refer to LaunchBar as an application launcher, which it can be. Some may refer to it as a clipboard manager, which it can be. Some might even refer to it as a finder replacement… again, it can be. Here’s a quick excerpt from Objective Development, the developers of LaunchBar:

Meet the future of productivity.
Keep your hands on the keyboard
Start with a single keyboard shortcut to access
and control every aspect of your digital life.

One of the absolute truths of being an accomplished LaunchBar user is that you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. Now as a screen reader user, I am always learning keyboard shortcuts to speed up my work, and LaunchBar just takes that to a whole new level.

Here is a brief list of things both myself and Michael use LaunchBar for:

  • Launching apps and scripts
  • Moving files and folders
  • connecting to servers from our favorite ftp apps
  • Keeping a clipboard history
  • Making FaceTime calls
  • Running terminal commands
  • performing web searches
  • Control Music
  • Add calendar appointments
  • Quickly enter emojis 👍

As I suggested in the show, take your time and learn to use the features that originally caused you to download LaunchBar. If the problem you saw it solving was a better way to move large numbers of files around, then master that feature first, then move on to another useful feature. While reading 📖Take Control of LaunchBar, this advice was one of the most helpful tips I learned.

Share your thoughts and uses of LaunchBar by reaching out to us on Twitter, @Damashe and @Payown.

Or, just drop a comment below.

LaunchBar in Action

I recorded this video to show how to configure the clipboard settings Michael mentioned during the show, but I’ll also show off one of the ways I use LaunchBar everyday.

Get this exclusive video from Damashe

Damashe recorded this video for you.

Showing you using voiceover, how to configure Launcher and 1Password to play with each other.

Enter your name, and the best email address we can send the video to you at, and then check your email.

That video will be in your inbox within 5 minutes.

We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

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Creating a convert kit free trial

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How to get a free convertkit account

How to get a free convertkit account, screenshot of the trial page linked to in this article
How to get a free convertkit account, screenshot of the trial page linked to in this article

In todays content, I’m going to show you how you can get started with convertkit and a 30-day trial.

How to get a free trial of convertkit

this is not publicly available so click on this link and follow the directions,

I think it’s important that you realize that you can have a one-month trial with this plan, after that it is $29 a month.
(I get $8.70 a month of that $29 for you using this link at no aditional cost to you)

First steps for your free convertkit trial

Screenshot of the convertkit homepage
The first thing that you need to do is fill out the login credentials information starting with
– the email address in the first edit box
– Re Enter Your Email Address
– Use 1Password to create a new password, and confirm it.
– Then Press enter to move to the next step

Next steps for getting a free convertkit account

After you create your free convertkit trial account you are prompted for your billing information.

Important, don’t forget that the billing does not commence until after you’ve completed your 30 day free trial.

What’s Next for my free convertkit account?

We have one more step to complete before your account will be ready to use.

In order to confirm that we have the proper email address, you need to go to your email and click the link that convert kit just sent you.

This will tell the system that the email is correct…

And that’s it, you now have a trial of convertkit.

On wednesday i’m going to share with you the next step, that is setting your CAN-Spam, Name, and reply email up…

Shhhh, want a headstart? Check out the video above, it’s the content coming to the podcast wednesday 🤓

Now that you have a convertkit account, you may want to check out DM 5, email marketing automation

What Is Convertkit? {Video}

What Is Convertkit


[0:00] What is convert kit,

hey guys thank you for checking out this content
today I want to answer the question of what is convertkit?

you can get more information by clicking on this link or see that card, right there

did your phone just vibrate right now.

touch on that and you can go to my website and get more information

I’m dropping most of my course that I created for convertkit with your eyes closed on the podcast definitely check it out,

The your own pay podcasting your favorite podcast app

if for some reason you don’t see it in there definitely let me know so,
I can fix that real quick

what is convert kit?,

convertkit is in my opinion the most accessible and intuitive; easy-to-use email marketing service.

an email marketing Service as discussed in the episode that I just dropped his, a way for you to stay in contact with people who are interested in your products and services.

If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for something really easy to set up you definitely should check out the free trial that I can give away to you if you,


and opt-in for your free tiral.

convertkit will make it easy for you to put together a form kind of like what you opt-in to to get your trial,

put that form on your website or link to it in your video descriptions and then start capturing the information from people who are interested in the content that you’re producing.

Why do i need an email list?

Why do you need to capture that information then why do you need to use a tool like Convertkit?

I discuss that more in the near future and I talked a bit about it and today’s podcast episode

really think about this.

If you are selling livestock, cows chickens Etc or you are selling a digital product, ebook course Etc and You need to get people to your website what’s going to be easier?

Getting in the inbox of people who are ready know who you are and they may like and trust you or.
Generating traffic from a cold list Of people who don’t know you?

so come on obviously it is the email list if I already know you I’m going to buy your chickens I’m going to buy your livestock I’m going to buy your digital course or ebook.
If I don’t know you I’m going to say why should I buy from you.

Make sense?

an email list

for example will allow you to build that relationship.

And allow people to get to know you so they’ll buy from you

what is email marketing and how does it work

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what is email marketing and how does it work

In todays post i hope to answer for you,

what is email marketing and how does it work

Damashe and I the other day recorded a podcast episode it was the email marketing automation examples – DM5.

in that podcast we talked about ways you can automate your email marketing services using tools like Convertkit.

an email marketing service is a service that will let you keep in contact with your customers via email. Hence the name email marketing.

Typically people enter their name and email address into a web form for an incentive,
often the generic incentive is given,

sign up for our weekly or monthly news letter

Side note, No one wants your newsletter, they don’t give a damn about you, they want to know how receiving emails from you is going to benefit them.

This is part of a course i created before back in March of this year.

If you enjoy it and want to check out Convertkit for 30 days, then please check out the free trial by submiting your name and email in the form below.

If you don’t see a form, then you can simply click to get your access.



Boys, Tools, Evan, Webinars, and doing it all in todays w-6

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todays shoutout goes out to the one and only,

Boys in my life

OK, so maybe i can’t say the “one and only”, listen to this weeks episode to here more.
Oh, and hears that audio file i promised…




the question for today is:

Wwhat are some unusial tools that people may hae never heard of or used to help manage social media

Would love to know what you think.

Are these tools you may check out?

Let us know in the comments below.


Evan gets released to us next Thursday

and I wonder how that’s going to turn out…

I do want us all to wish him the best, and as i discussed in this podcast episode, maybe this time i’ll be more helpful.

Listen to that episode i mentioned today below.
Listen to Meth, marijuana, juvenile detention, and my fuck ups | The Your Own Pay Podcast | Podcasts | iHeartRadio


attend webinars, you will learn about more tools.
The tool i mentioned today was:
Research-based writing software | For teams, bloggers, lawyers, students


Do something that you’ve never done before.
I talked all about the CRM i mentioned today in the w5 cast.

Oh yea, that’s also the first i mentioned September’s trip.

Wow, how that’s coming up quicker then i think…

Though it’s possible of course someone put a rincle in that plan now that i think about it while writing todays show notes…
Listen to next week’s w-cast to learn more…

Oh yea, and do you want that free trial of convertkit?
If so, fill the form below out.


Increase your hard drive in DM 24

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DM24: Extending Your Hard Drive

Extend your Hard Drive
Extend your Hard Drive

We’re back this week to help you maximize your Mac’s hard drive. While these tips can apply to any computer, we both are speaking this week from the view of laptop users.

With the existence of so many different cloud services, we all have extra storage available beyond what is locally on our computers. The problem is to make the best use of that cloud storage… without the cloud storage taking up much needed space on your internal drive. We don’t want to have to manage a bunch of different external hard drives either… unless we’re talking about backing up.

I can hear you asking,

If I don’t sync my Dropbox or Google Drive to my computer, how can I easily access my files? Damashe, you certainly don’t mean for me to use the web browser like some kind of animal🙄

Of course not, I would never suggest such a thing. But what is the solution then? [1]
We want access to all that storage that’s available in the cloud, but we want to use it natively on our machines. Of course, on mobile devices, the solution is provided by the cloud vendor in most cases. I.e, when you open the Dropbox app on your iPhone, you can see all your folders and files, share them, and open them in other apps. That doesn’t work for your laptop or desktop though😦 [2]
That’s where the two apps we discuss this week can help. Both CloudMounter and Mountain Duck allow you to mount cloud services and remote servers as if they were external drives. This means that you get access to all that additional storage, you get to enjoy a native experience, and all at no major loss to your available internal storage. [3]
We talked about both of these apps because we both have used them ourselves. I am currently using CloudMounter and Michael is currently using Mountain Duck.
While the advantages are obvious to me, let me point some of them out:

  • Browse cloud services like ordinary folders on your computer
  • Use multiple accounts for the same service (your personal Google Drive and your work Google Drive for example)
  • Maintain the ability to copy links to files and folders
  • Encrypt folders on your cloud service of choice

Both apps are well maintained and are VoiceOver accessible. For me, having the ability to use my storage, without loosing internal space is a win-win😎
Connect with us and share your thoughts about extending your hard drive. You can follow us on Twitter [@damashe][dtwit] and [@Payown.][ptw]

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  1. Selective-sync is an option, just not a very good one.  ↩
  2. Dropbox does have Project Infinite but only for business customers last I checked.  ↩
  3. Of course, there’s the storage for the actual app, and probably some temporary files taking up a small bit of storage.  ↩

What Is Convertkit

What is Convertkit

What Is Convertkit, Screen shot of the Convertkit homepage
This is the first of several audio and Video lessons I’ve recorded, answering the question, what is convertkit?

If you have listened to the podcast it’s possible that you know that I’ve been fond of Convertkit for a while now. May of 2016 to be exact, and I have not looked back at the previous email service provider I used in the past,

ahem, AWEBER

What is convertkit

In the next short while if you subscribe to the podcast, I’m going to share the following five things for you:

  • a bit about what email marketing service is, and why you might need it
  • Who this is for
  • what you should have by completing this course
  • and a quick checklist of what you need to follow along with us.

If this is the first lesson in a course I’ve produced why are you getting it on the podcast?

If you’re not asking yourself that question, just as a heads up into how my mind works, if I was in your position that’s probably one of the first questions I would have asked…

The answer is simple though, I need feedback from you!

I’ve got something I need to admit, and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that!

Convertkit helped me see

That it’s very likely I don’t want to be producing courses.

However, people have told me that I’m good at what I do…

So, I want to share my knowledge with people like you, in hopes that you’ll reach out to me and tell me that you would rather hire me and then have me teach you how to do it.


Well, I’ve got a couple of reasons…

  • First of all, when I work for you I can get paid more, especially if someone could learn how to handle the tech for free on my podcast.
  • If you like the material, it’s possible you’ll share it with your connections who may also enjoy it
  • I can provide value to people who are looking just to learn
  • I smoke way two much pot to sit down and Record videos, I’d rather sit down and make my brain work on someone else problems!
  • and I can implement a new business model I think will allow me to help more people while making more money.

So, answer, what is convert kit?

Convertkit is my favorite email marketing software, easy-to-use, accessible, flexible, and powerful.

If you’d like to check it out, enter your name and email address and the form below and you’ll be able to get a free month trial.


and more lessons coming soon😘


Mallory, Conventions, Trials, and CRM’s

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Todays shoutout is to my wonderful wife

thanks for your support even though you don’t listen to the podcast

i bet your friends or family could tell you more about the podcast then you could…

hey, one of you listenning, tag her on facebook when you share this episode, and tell her to listen.

💋 Love you babe!

Convertkit sponser this week



One of the questions i’ve been asked lately,

Mel, Amanda, and Tanner

have all asked

and hears what i’ve found

thanks a lot to amanda’s help

  • Agile crm will likely work
  • pipe drive has more drag and drop actions
  • we don’t have a purfect selution

that’s my answers to people now that I can share some findings, and as i start to use a CRM more i’ll share my findings on this podcast like normal.


Why would I need a CRM?


  • more information about your contacts
  • emails lists are wonderful but this is a unified communication system

and sometimes conversations happen out of the inbox
so why not have a way to keep track of all those communications?

I am going to import the “Launchers” database i’ve had on my harddrive
since march

and htis will help me learn how to use Agile before September


If your not doing something your unconfertible with then you need to step forward and do something different

getting out of confert zone by visiting albany in september, the 15–17th.

going to the oregon NFB convention
phalosiphy of the nFB has ben influanced by what others say, so i’m making my own decisions

and htis is getting red of one of the goals i set for myself, that is be at a live event by the end of the year

maybe it was 2 events.


Figure out what you want to get out of something and then work from the end to how you can take action today.

example, the end goal of me visiting the NFB convention is the aquire 50 new mailing list subscribers, get 5 new sales in my new club, and make at least 10 new friends.

As a by product of this i expect that the podcast download count will increase.

How am i going to reach these goals?

  • create an opt-in worth people subscribing for
  • finish the sales page for the product
  • be ready to talk a lot
  • figure out what type of value i can share durring the convention

If you want to come along this journey, subscribe above for a free month of convertkit

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