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3 tools to automate social media


In this podcast i share with you 3 tools to automate social media. It is important to be able to automate your social media presence so that you can spend the time you normally would posting updates, with your family and doing what you do best. All three of these tools are free, and two out of the three are native to the platforms your posting with. I have some other ideas for you when it comes to automating yet staying real with your social platforms, and you can get this knowledge. If you enjoy this content then you will love what my club members are learning about on the your own pay podcast club. It was open for 3 days, and if you didn’t get in you better get on the waiting list Click here and be sent weekly exclusive actionable digital marketing tips from a blind guy!


The First Tool For Social Media Automation is Twitter Ads



In Twitter Analytics with Voiceover a posting i did on 1 November, I show you how you can get basic analytics for  your Twitter account. There’s a future podcast coming to club members exclusively, showing a faster way to get your analytics and more in-depth information about what the analytics mean. Not only can you get analytics from your Twitter ads account, but you can both advertise, and schedule tweets to be posted on your behalf. Listen to this podcast to learn how, and join the waiting list for the your own pay podcast club to listen to me do it with voiceover.







The Second Tool for social media automation Is Facebook Pages



This tool is available on iOS and android, click the links above to link to them in the Apple App Store and Google play respectively. you can schedule your Facebook post, images, and videos for your Facebook fan page. You can also do this from the website for Facebook pages. Listen to the podcast to learn how. I don’t focus as much on Facebook as I do other networks, however this is a functionality available especially if you have started to build your Facebook fan base. I’ve never got good traction on Facebook, even though everyone else seems to have, however it’s a network i try not to neglect.



The Third social media automation Tool Is Buffer



VaShaun Jones of Fedora Outlier LLC was the one who introduced me to the fact Buffer was accessible. In my learning about digital marketing, I had red blog posts about Buffer and also heard it in action. I am glad to say that the Safari plugin, as well as the IOS app are accessible, i don’t know about the android app or firefox plugin. There are also 3d party services and plugin’s for other platforms so you can automate posts being added to your buffer. Listen to the podcast to here how Buffer works, 


Did you enjoy these three tools for social media automation?


If learning about Twitter Ads being able to automate twitter postings, Facebook pages automating your Facebook page postings, and Buffer for the other networks, Google plus and Linked in then you should share this with your twitter account. Let them know that 

“I just learned 3 free tools to automate my social media so i can do what i love. thanks @payown”


then leave me a comment so i can connect with you on Social Media. Even though you know how to automate your social media presence, you still need to build relationships with the people who your automation  connects with. As a bonus for being on the waiting list for my podcast club, you’ll get a weekly recap of all of the podcast and blog posts. Save Your Spot Now.


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