8 Steps to launching your first or next podcast

Thanks for tuning into the September 3 episode of the Your Own Pay podcast.

Today’s podcast is all about podcasting. If you tuned  into yesterday’s episode, you probably heard that I’m releasing my own over the shoulder course creation series. This will be a series released to members every Monday and Friday afternoon at 3 PM Pacific time. I’ll be walking blind course creators through the process of creating a course using the Thinkific platform, if you’re not a part of it definitely save your spot as it’s going to be closed tomorrow morning. Click here and lock in your seat now.


Listen to the podcast if you want to hear some of my future plans related to course creation and what’s going to happen with the content that I’m producing.


On today’s episode we’re going to talk about the eight steps you need to follow in order to start your successful podcast. Please note, I don’t in any way shape or form classify myself as an”expert”. That being said however, I was asked to present on the big dreams conference call today, thanks to Rebecca for requesting that we have more structure. If you want more information about the big dreams conference call, check out Max’s website.


1. you need the title of your podcast

The reason I picked the your own pay podcast is because  your own pay was my brand. Name your podcast what you want, however have some relation to how you want to be known online. Podcasting for me is my most active social media, so people know me as that blind digital marketer podcasting on the Your Own Pay Podcast.

2. A brief description

You don’t have to know what every single one of Your episodes is going to be about, however give people a brief summary of what you podcast about. My description that I use is the following:

“this is the your own pay podcast, daily episodes from Michael Babcock your blind digital marketer. Demolishing all excuses you’ve got for not being successful.”

3. A podcast host

You need to have an exclusive content delivery network or in another words podcast toast. I recommend Libsyn, as it’s the podcast toast I started with and is very accessible. If you want to try them out today, use the coupon code”fire” without any quote signs, and get the rest of the month you signed up as well as the next month free. Additionally in this episode I said I would link to a podcast I recorded last year talking about”Should my web host host my podcast“, listen to that podcast if you’re asking yourself why you can’t just have word press host your podcast.

4. Podcast art

The requirements for iTunes can be quite stripped, your podcast art for example must be a minimum of 1400 x 1400 pixelspixels. It cannot be more than 3000 buy 3000 pixels, and there are a few other requirements you want to do here too so that your podcast is excepted in the iTunes directory. Here’s a link to “making a podcast, podcast connect help” where you can learn all about the requirement iTunes has for your podcast artwork

5. submit your podcast

The three major directories  that I recommend to submit your podcast to are iTunes, stitcher, and Google play music. Submit your podcast to iTunes here, Stitcher Here, and Google Play Music Here. If your podcast is blindness related, you probably should submit to a couple of other directories as well, most notably the Serotek iBlink directory. I didn’t mention this in the podcast, so bonus tip for those of you who actually read the show notes, however if you know that your podcast is targeting a specific demographics, find out if there’s a podcast directories that closely relates to that particular audience. what should you do then? Submit your podcast, Duh!

6. consistent podcasting schedule`

Having a consistent podcasting schedule will help your audience know when to expect your contents. If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while now, you’ll know that I went 75 days or so with posting on a daily basis. My postings over the next few months were sporadic, because I got out of the routine of doing things. Now that I’m back to posting on a daily basis, every morning at 7:30 west coast time you should expect a new episode. In this podcast episode I also mentioned a couple of other podcasters that post on a consistent schedule, Dreevay in the dark and Take Another 5.

7. call to action

If you’re podcasting without a call to action, you’re just doing it for fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, however if you’re relying on your podcast as a attention getter for your business, you need a call to action. Sometimes your call to action might be as simple as asking your listeners to leave you a rating in iTunes or leave  a review. Maybe your call to action is inviting people over to your website so they can download something for free or be emailed a email series. Maybe, like I used in this episode, your call to action is asking people to share your podcast with their most active social media. Whatever your call to action is, there needs to be something your audience can do if they enjoy the content from you.

8. patients and to not expect over night success

You need to have patients while do in your podcast. As I stated in this episode, if you expect overnight success and it doesn’t come, you’ll probably become discouraged and not produce the content like you know you need to be doing. If however on the other hand you do received overnight success, even though you weren’t expecting it then that’s even better too. But most importantly, though it wasn’t listed in the podcast, have fun while you’re doing it.


These are the eight steps to producing your first or next podcast, and yes there’s probably a few things that I missed but as I said in the beginning I’m not an”expert”. It’s possible to record a very good sounding podcast from your iOS device, and probably most android devices as well. So, is podcasting something you want to do? If you’re going to take that leap and I want your own podcast, leave me a comment and let me know I’d love to listen.

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