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Access the ToDoist app on Android.


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Explain what users would see in the app

  • you open the app to the today screen at least that’s how I do, i’ll tell you more about it in a minute.
  • You use the “Change view” button in the top left corner to bring the menu up.
  • you’ll then here your name followed by ratio
  • below this is the inbox, today, next 7 days.
  • After any of these you’ll here a # of items in that view.
  • explain projects, filters, and labels expand collaps.
  • to the right is the “add” button to add each
  • this concept also applies to sub tasks within projects
  • under settings at the bottom of the screen, in general, you can change the launch screen.
  • i’ve tried 5 different apps to find the best task management app for me, and because of the way my brain works this seems to work the best.
  • even though it has it’s querks like some unlabeled buttons
  • you can use widgets to set an Add Task button on the bottom of your phone
  • and you can set another widget to drop you into a specific view, for example I could set the ToDoist app to drop me into the inbox and the Today widget I have to drop me into today.
  • witch is now what I do after writing these show notes up.
  • when in a view, the checkbox to complete a task i think is to the right of the item, but I can’t find it, so i’ll explain what you do, you don’t want the checkbox before the item.
  • Checking that will complete the next task,
  • so find the task you want to complete and flick once to the right. Check that box and it’ll complete the item.
  • Toward the bottom until you take another action appears a undo button to allow you to uncomplete a task.
  • double tap on the task name and at the bottom of the screen an action bar will appear allowing you to
    • complete,
    • schedule,
    • move to project,
    • set priority,
    • set labels
  • and a done button appears at the top if you want to not do anything.

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The ToDoIst App on Android:

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[0:02] You’re listening to another your own pay production.

[0:11] Accessing android APS show notes can be found in your own paid up home forward slash Triple A one where you can get more information about to my favorite app. Yeah, that’s what we’re talking to du ist.

[0:26] Before we get into it, though, I want to let you know about an amazing organization that I’ve been working with. Desert Tomasi.
Ah, and of course, me too put together called the Blind Entrepreneur Society and.

[0:38] Where a group of individuals looking to connect with other blind professionals and get shit done and stop coming up with different excuses toe not let it happened.
So if you’re interested, more information about that head on over your own pay dot com forward slash Triple A one where you’ll also be able to get access to the show notes For today’s episode, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of what you’ll see in the application natively.
The app to do ist will open in the today screen.
That’s what I’m currently doing. Well, is what I was doing before I started typing up thes show notes if you use the change view but in the top left hand corner, you’ll be able to quickly access a menu where you’ll hear Michael Foot. What?
Hopefully you don’t hear Michael, because if you hear my name is the weird interest you hear your name followed by a ratio nine slash four, for example, tells me that I have nine task completed out of the four for my goal.
Directly below. This is the following inbox today and next seven days.
If you have any favorite views, then you’ll be able to hear those after the next seven days.
Now, if any of these views, which it’s very likely once you start using your to do list application, they will have any task inside of them. You’ll hear a number. So, for example, in Box, in my case, has six innit.
Below your favorites, you’ll have an option that says projects.

[2:04] Filters and labels, it’ll say Expand collapse.
Now. One way to know this is if you have a project, for example, have a podcast network project that I know should be there, and I can’t see it.
Double tap on the project’s button and it will expand that, and I should then see that particular project to the right of any of the aforementioned items. There’s an ad button that you can use toe.
Add a new project, filter or label.
This concept of expanding collapsing does also apply to sub task that can be added to Tass inside of projects or inside your views.
Now, at the very bottom of this menu is a settings option, and inside that settings you could go to general and inside a general you can change the launch screen, which I wasn’t aware that I think they call it the start screen now.
What I can do is I can set up to do ist app once I open it to drop me into my inbox, and I could take a look at the stuff that hasn’t been sorted.
However, with some widgets, I’ll talk more about them in a minute. I can jump me into the today screen or any other view would like Tio Go ahead and view.
I’ve tried five different task management apse on Android, and because of the way that this particular app works and my brain works, it seems to be the best experience, even though it does have its own little quirks and summon labeled buttons.
What was I talking about with widgets?
I have a button that says, Add new task at the bottom left hand corner of my scream that if I double tap on it and I say something like record the podcast this afternoon at 5 p.m.

[3:34] And I hit send, it’ll add a new task to my inbox called Record the Podcast and above the keyboard.
You can also choose to assign it a project label or.

[3:46] Anything else due date that you need to directly right there.
You can also set up another widget to drop you into a specific view.
So, for example, I also have another one that says, Hey, drop me into my today view And that’s what made me realize that I’m kind of redundantly putting myself into to do it, and I can get more done.

[4:06] Now when your interview, for example, Today. Screen.
If you flick to the right. Once from the task title, you here chip bucks, double tap this to complete it and talk back will tell you that your task is completed.
Tapping on the task name will check it, and you can check multiple tasks at a time.
Once you’ve checked a task, then you can perform actions on it, using the actions bar at the bottom of the screen.
A done But it appears at the top of the screen in place of a cancel button.
If you don’t want to multi select tasks anymore, that’s quick overview of the to do list app on Android.
Hopefully, you’ve got some sort of value out of it, and you’re interested in checking it out head on over to your aunt pen dot com forward slash triple A one You’ve been listening to your own pay podcast.
If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, visit your own pay dot com slash casts for exclusive contacts and contact us today.
We’re eating your thoughts and about how you’re making this podcast bureau. Thanks for listening will be back soon.
The your own pay podcast your own pay dot com.

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