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Welcome to the Your Own Pay Podcast

This is the new and revived Your Own Pay podcast site.

What is The Your Own Pay Podcast?

The podcast started in September 2015, September 28th 2015.

Ever since the beginning, I’ve been motivating and inspiring, not realizing that I was educating at the same time.

This podcast has turned into my baby, growing over the years, and unsure where it’s adolescent ages are going to take me.

I’m excited for the lessons that life is going to teach the two of us, and willing to share this journey with you.

Oh yeah, and it’s also my way to keep in contact with people like you, and if people have questions I can produce content on this site is well!

The message has changed and evolved over the years as a person’s thoughts and actions change and evolve.

The audio quality and audio content has changed, and I have absolutely no clue where the hell I’ll be in the next five years!

Except I do know that, I’ll be motivating, inspiring, and educating people like you.

Take a look around, and connect with me however you’d like to learn more.


In Febuary Damashe and I decided that we should start Recording some of the conversations that we had about new technology that was coming out.

Then, around the 16th episode or so, I decided to get a wild hair up my ass and get all organized and stuff.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the most organized and individual!

I try though, does that count?

Anyways, when we got into a system that involved talking about the same content Time after time, so for example when we talked about three wordpress episodes in a row, I lost my motivation to start recording.

Promoting the WordPress Course

I’d be willing to guess he did as well!

Then, we recorded the content that we’ve committed ourselves to, and conveniently didn’t find enough time to record new podcast episodes.

Mallory had a strange infection in her hand, and that threw me off my game, and then Damashe relocated, our microphones broke, and we came to the realization that we needed to go back to the type of content that we Started With.

So, long time listenners, I’m excited to get recording with [him]@damashe]( again, even if the sound quality isn’t going to be the best!

Who knows what type of stuff will be talking about in the future.

The W-Cast

Pretty much the same thing happened with the W-Cast ⬆️

So Now What?

Feel free to explore the website, find out what type of content we’ve published, take a look at the courses available, and explore the done for you and done with you services.

If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, please feel free to leverage the search tool found both of the top and bottom of any page on this website.



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