Facebook is todays AOTD

Facebook is todays app

Changing over the years, it’s likely you’re using this app or choosing not to.

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00:10, in todays podcast we start out with a brief welcome to this episode.

0:15, also, don’t forget to review the App of the day podcast in your favorite podcast app:

Facebook on IOS

it’s time to download Facebook on IOS

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.

1:10, The article I mentioned that you can reference for a good brief history of facebook’s adventures in the Mobile pond is:

History of Facebook: All The Major Updates & Changes From 2004–2016

1:30, i know, it’s frustrating when facebook changes things around.

2:00, the access facebook is providing to blind users has been un heard of until the past few years.

Check out Accessibility | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

3:00, Note useful, but now we have a lot more access than we did.

3:20, sometimes they do break shit, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore it.

3:40, use actions to act on a status

3:50, you can also use magic tap to engage with your friends on facebook..

Connect with Your Own Pay on facebook

tomorrow it’s time to make connections.

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