Google Authenticator on iPhone is todays AOTD

Google Authenticator on iPhone

0:08, You know that it’s a good thing I checked the episode numbers before recording todays episode, listen to learn why.

0:27, Did you listen to the episode recorded about 1Password? This is the AOTD15, 1Password recorded thanks to Damashe and when I was typing these notes up I remember we also chatted about 1Password on DM7
0:30, TLDL:

leverage 1Password to generate unique passwords for all your accounts around the web.

1:00, todays app will give you a chance to leverage 2-factor authentication to keep your online accounts with unique passwords extra secure.

n todays app of the day, we will discuss the Google Authenticator app for 2-factor verification.

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1:30, what is google authenticator?

Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in.
‎Google Authenticator on the App Store

Note about Google Authenticator

Later on in todays podcast i’ll link to a post to help you set this up with word-press. Though the description states that it allows you 2-factor authentication to your google account, this app in fact does work with 3rd parties.

2:00, text 2-factor isn’t secure, This is why you shouldn’t use texts for two-factor authentication – The Verge

2:50, 1 little work does go into setting your Google Authenticator app up on iPhone, but it’s not a very hard process. Just some simple direction following.

3:00, My favorite word-press plugin for 2-Factor on word-press thanks to Damashe is WordPress 2 Factor Authentication – miniOrange check it out to secure your site further.
3:15, of course Your Own Pay is hosted on WordPress, DUH!

to log into word-press now for my account you need:

  • username
  • Password
  • and a 6 digit code I generate from my iPhone every 30 seconds

3:30, 2-Factor authentication should be enabled on all the accounts you can turn it on with

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