Instacart on the Oregon Coast, todays AOTD6

Did you know, Instacart is on the Oregon coast?

If you didn’t, you do now.

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Starting it out with house keeping’

00:20, we start today’s episode by me telling you that I kind of messed yesterdays link up

Everything is working correctly though, so you can check out yesterday’s episode at aotd5

Let me tell you a story

00:42, you’ll hear a story I share with you regarding instacart, and the first time I heard about it.

**Shhh, no Uber. **

Instacart on the Oregon coast

In September when I got the email letting me know that Instacart is on the Oregon coast, of course I had to check that out.

It also helped that I was able to get some test money to check it out.

Hint, in case you can’t use Instacart yet.

Complaint about instacart on the Oregon coast

1:34, as I use air quotes I say the only complaint I have about Instacart is that it’s only available at one store in my area.

This being said however, at least it’s available in my area

If you’d like to check and look in your area, click here and get your free $10 with Instacart.

Lets talk about why I like Instacart on the Oregon Coast

  • 2:11, as a completely blind individual I have the ability to quickly browse my local Safeway and see what’s available to me. Then, have the groceries that I need delivered to my front door.
  • 2:27, I have the independence that’s typically not allotted of me while living in a rural community with limited to no public transportation.
  • 2:40, you’ll love the story that I tell you about Jacob today, and how he gets paid between 15-$25 per delivery.
  • 3:37, hint, this type of business is compatible for parents. What do you think, are they his, or did he kidnap them? 😉

Concluding todays AOTD

Now that we have Instacart on the Oregon coast, it’s very possible that they’re available in your area.

Why not check it out, and simply for signing up you’ll get a $10 credit, and if they’re not available maybe they’ll give you something else when they do become available.

Click to join Instacart

And let me know your thoughts about this episode in the comments.

Chat tomorrow about an investment app

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