Dystopia for Reddit is AOTD 9

AOTD 9 – A bit late but time for Dystopia

Complete transparency:
today’s application, or Yesterdays depending on how you look at it, is still in beta. I will share with you resources later on in today’s podcast notes for you to get access to the beta.

I share this information with you because you cannot find this application in the App Store yet, and when you are able to find the application in the App Store it’s possible that the experiences I share on today’s episode may be different for you.

I’ll definitely post a follow up episode two.

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00:25, today’s application is being developed by a high school student, you’ll hear about some of the challenges this student faces while developing an application that is as amazing as todays.

00:40, if you’re interested in beta testing this

Update: Maybe I should open my eyes and pay attention to what’s around me like Mallory and I joke about…
Signup to the Dystopia beta form

I had the below text posted first, but have updated this post with the correct form.

go ahead and drop a comment on the sub Reddit here

00:45, What is Dystopia?
From Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, October 11, 2018 – Volume 679

8A) Test an Accessible iOS Reddit App

A 17 year old developer has made a fully accessible Reddit app, with VO router actions and more accessibility features. They are looking for beta testers. This is the YouTube demo of the app:

What sub reddits do you belong to?

1:10, I list a few i belong to, i’ll linke to those ones and a few more below:

What is Reddit?

1:20, We summerise what What is Reddit? A Beginner’s Guide to the Front Page of the Internet …

You can here me using Dystopia

02;14, is when we jump into the app on todays episode.

Blind employment solutions meat and greet tonight from r/Blind

Clicking the link above will take you to the post I show you in todays podcast episode.

A correction

2:45, I said the more comments a post has, the higher it will show in the subReddit. This being said however, the way I understand it, the more up voats a post has, the higher it will show up.

though I suspect the comments influences that placement as well.

Support this student

Still being developed? from r/DystopiaForReddit

3:38, the form doesn’t seem to be working, that’s why I didn’t link to it in today’s post. However, if the developer comments on today’s post or I get an updated form, I’ll update the note.

blind employment solutions

4:10, you were promised a link to the blind employment Solutions project

4:25, i’ll be back very shortly to chat with you about a ?

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