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AOTW 1 – Drafts

The Drafts Logo
The Drafts Logo

Happy new year…

And happy starts to new branch of the podcast…



App Of The Week

What’s this app of the week?

This weeks application is one that we originally discussed in DM6 – 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS

If your an iPhone user or someone who spends any time using that new iPad you may have gotten for Christmas, then you need drafts.

If you got someone an iPhone or iPad, then you should gift them Drafts.

They won’t be sorry.

Why do I need drafts?

In this podcast episode I discuss with you a few reasons you need drafts.

I didn’t mention that it connects with [apps like ]text-expander](

mmm, how that’s nice at times 😜

What? You can send text to other apps?

The tagline

Where text starts.

Truly gives a good representation of the drafts application.

Extensions has to be one of my favorite features of Drafts.

After I get my text into drafts:

I need to get it out of the app into something else…

This is a lot easier then one may think.

Hear are a few of the actions I use on a normal bases:

Have you used this app?

If so, let us know some of your favorite actions or keyboard extensions.

If your not using Drafts, then you should pick it up now and why not put it in your dock?

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