Are Mastermind’s Important?

are masterminds important?


Take a listen to this your own pay podcast to here my answer to this question. In the podcast i stated that i wasn’t going to do show notes, however i figured that wouldn’t be fair to the wonderful resources i mentioned in this podcast. If you enjoy this content, share it with your social networks and family, so that they can get some of the knowledge as well. Finally, subscribe in iTunes and leave a review.


The first resource i mentioned was Maxwell’s mastermind he announced, reference this blog posting. “Big Dreams start with Small Steps free eight week course” I am so glad i had an opportunity to join this group of people who have some of the same goals, however it’s a diverse enough group of people that we are not competing with each other but providing resources and ideas to share our knowledge.


The second reference i provided in this podcast is this episode from Amy Porterfield, #85: 5 Marketing Lessons That Have Shaped My Online Business – Amy Porterfield” I’m glad she shared this with her podcast listeners because it reiterated the fact that i needed to be part of a group of people. She explains some raw relevant content that can help any person who is running his or her own small business and i am thankful she shared it with us listeners. Take a listen if you want to learn some other tips, and reference her show notes for some links to masterminds you can get connected with.


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