NSFW – DM 35 – The todoist app on ios with Voiceover

The Todoist App on IOS with Voiceover Let’s get started with chats about organization. Starting this episode out we discussed briefly the episode folders that Michael has added to the Google drive for the YOPN team. and we then start chatting about how Google drive notifications work. 0:50, We now have folders for DM35, well … Read more

The Fantastical App

The Fantastical App Get it in your calendar before you forget it. Thanks for your feedback [0:00] So here’s the deal. The feedback you guys have been providing me from the downloads that I’ve seen: SideNote: thanks to Blubrry for providing me those numbers. [0:11] Tells me you guys were interested in apps designed for … Read more

time tracking on mac and iPhone, DM34

time tracking on mac and iPhone     00:20, You can connect with Michael, @payown and he’s @Damashe Starting it out with us chatting about time tracking on mac and iPhone 00:35, jumping right into it talking about iphone time tracking apps. 0:47 you’ll learn how Damashe has to get back into time tracking. 00:50, … Read more

dm33 Day carrot launch soulver, 2019 cool tools for IOS

dm33 Days carrot launch solver 2019 cool tools for IOS In this episode, we are back to chat with you about 4 apps we have heard of but just started using recently! That’s right, it’s our 2019 Cool tools for IOS and yes, it’s a follow-up of our chat in March of 2017, DM6 the 2017 cool tools for Mac OS and IOS.. Getting into it 0:07 we start by reflecting on how long it’s been, 27 … Read more

Damashe and Michael are back with a new episode, Chatting WordPress

Damashe and Michael are back today to just talk tech with you. If you enjoy todays episode, don’t forget to share with your favorite social network and podcast host 😉 With that, lets get into the latest installment of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech podcast episode. If your not subscribed, be sure to … Read more

Aira is todays AOTD

What is Aira? That’s a question I’m not sure if you’ve asked yourself, however if you have then this is the podcast episode for you. 0:09, if you’re blind or visually impaired, and involved in the assistive technology industry at all, it’s very likely you already know about today’s application. 0:25, The previous app we … Read more

Google Authenticator on iPhone is todays AOTD

Google Authenticator on iPhone 0:08, You know that it’s a good thing I checked the episode numbers before recording todays episode, listen to learn why. 0:27, Did you listen to the episode recorded about 1Password? This is the AOTD15, 1Password recorded thanks to Damashe and when I was typing these notes up I remember we … Read more

Linked in is todays AOTD

Linked in is todays AOTD Warning: this is the last “normal” episode for a moment, surprises coming for you tomorrow. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only You’ll have to let me know if you like it. Try Again 0:10, Nicholas would say… Try again? … Read more

Facebook is todays AOTD

Facebook is todays app Changing over the years, it’s likely you’re using this app or choosing not to. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only 00:10, in todays podcast we start out with a brief welcome to this episode. 0:15, also, don’t forget to review … Read more

Slack is todays AOTD

Slack is todays AOTD Searchable Log of All Conversational Knowledge. That’s what we discuss on todays AOTD, so give it a listen. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only 00:30, Stewart Butterfield was part of the original release of slack in august 2013. 00:46, the … Read more

Twitterrific, AOTD 10

Twitterrific 00:09, Eliminate distractions to stay on task Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Are you using Twitterrific? 0:25, those stupid little rabbit wholes… 0:40, you need to use the native Twitter app on IOS in order to get push notifications: From breaking news … Read more

Robinhood is todays AOTD7

Robinhood allows you to dip your fingers in investing Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Starting it out with house keeping’ 0:08, ask Someone who does if you don’t. 0:22, what’s going on, i explain that i’m not sure the problem but am looking … Read more

Overcast App, todays AOTD 5

Overcast is AOTD 5 Thanks for returning to todays podcast episode. After a long weekend, you’ll hear the new format we have for the podcast. Hint, makes it a lot eassier to pre-record podcast content, and drop the podcast content after edited into the podcast. and, gives you a lot faster and streamlined path to … Read more

Youtube is the 4th AOTD

Youtube The Youtube Logo Today’s application is one i assumed everyone has used, however, we all know what they say about assuming… Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Todays episode is thanks to your support threw Convertkit Check out todays episode to learn about … Read more

BlindSquare, todays AOTD 3

Get to know your surroundings. If you don’t, i’ll introduce you and today’s AOTD post to an app that will help you become familiar with your surroundings. In addition, you’ll hear stories about how i’ve used this app when working at FCR. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply … Read more

build wordpress with assistive technology

It’s time to learn how to build wordpress with assistive technology. Introduction to this content Because I couldn’t get my imperfections out of my head, and I red This announcing a word press course from another organization that produces the training materials specifically for the blind or visually impaired, I was inspired to produce this … Read more