Birthdays, Blackberries, Death and Chasing Girls

For those on the Your Own Pay Podcast Club, expect something in your inbox in the very near future. If you’re not already signed up then you should head over to this link to do so. Today I’m going to talk to you about a couple of stories from my past that will hopefully motivate and inspire you to hopefully get off your ass and do something. Remember that if you’d like to leave us feedback you can do so in a number of ways including giving a call to 5412154433. You can also leave a review via whatever podcast provider you are listening to this through, such as iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music

When I was born 28 years ago today, my mom was told that I probably wouldn’t live passed a couple of months. Of course that was not what happened, because 28 years later I’m recording this podcast to inspire you to get up and do something, because it’s important to cherish the life we have. When I got older, about 9 or 10, there was some interesting stuff that I did. I liked to go after what I wanted.

One day, after it had rained and the playground was nice and slippery, my friend dared me to go kiss a girl. I tried to catch up to her, but she decided she’d run up the stairs of the slide and slide down before I’d catch up. Me, being who I thought was smart, decided to jump onto the bottom of the slide and run up the slide. Needless to say, it had just gotten done raining, I fell flat on my face, humiliated myself, and cracked one of my front teeth. The point of the story however is that i went after what i wanted, which was to take my friend up on the dare.

The last story I want to go into today is when I was a couple years younger. I was riding a bike back to one of my friend’s houses to have pictures. I was pedaling as fast as I could, down the road, knowing just how fast i needed to go before I hit the brakes and slid into his driveway. I hit the first speed bump and went up and over just fine, came up to the second one and hit it. The bike slid out from underneath me and went to the left. Me being who I am landed on my nose and slid across the road to my right. Moral of the story is maybe I should ride a little slower over speed bumps but I had fun getting out there and hanging out.

You’d find me riding down the ramp at the school i lived near by just to jump over a wooden ramp on a bike. You’d find me sitting on top of the school because I was bored so I’d climb onto of it and just hang out. You’d find me running across the freeway to get to the blackberry patch so I could pick blackberries. You’d find me hanging out with my sighted peers and siblings just doing what I wanted to do.

The point behind today’s podcast is to make you think “what do I want to do?” What limitations are holding you back from reaching your goals and making what you want to do happen? Is there a reason you haven’t actually completed your goals? Check out this page to pick up your free copy of an e-book that can help transform your life.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about motivation, where I’ll share with you two motivation tips. Definitely tune in and save your seat on the Your Own Pay Podcast Club. Doors close on May third and you’re going to love what you’ll have access to.

This has been Michael Babcock chasing girls up slides, over coming death predictions, running across the road to get blackberries telling you you can do it!

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