Breakfast and braille tape in Trinidad and Tobago

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Episode 2

Breakfast and Braille Tape

It’s time to find braille tape in Trinidad and Tobago.

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00:20, we start out with the sound of a braille labeling system
00:25, and then he noticed were here.
1:05, Listen to Marlin explain what a Braille label is.
2:17, and the adventure begins for the Braille Tape in Trinidad and Tobago.

2:43, what is a Doubles?

3:30, our first status report.

3:50, because it sounds like it.

4:20, an introduction into the slang language in Trinidad.
5:10, change of plans, or is that a change back?

5:50 we arrive at the doubles place and you learn the proper etiquette for a doubles location.

8:00, the magic of pepper sauce.

8:25, what’s that mean?

13:12, the shame, the shame.

13:30, the magic of audio editing gets us to the braille tape in Trinidad and Tobago.

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