Setting your Can-Spam, Name, and reply email up in convertkit

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Setting your Can Spam, Name, and Reply email up in Convertkit

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We’re going to fill out the important key information for your convertkit account.

I am still on that page that told us that there was one more step and I continued reading down that page.

Noticing that there actually are a few more steps

let’s go ahead and fill out this form real quick and you can substitute any of this information with your information,

continue reading down the page after it tells you to return to your email to confirm it you’ll see the following:

Antispam laws require a physical address where you can be reached at

This address is found at the bottom of every email.

Street address

and of course you can put a PO Box there as well I’ve seen a lot of people doing that.

   so I'm going to grab the street address information that Mitch uses for his Can-spam requirements and Pace that in here, 

     after you filled all that information out you'll be prompted to enter your  website. 

This is the main site you will use with convertkit, ( you can obviously use convert kit with other sites as well,however in this field please put your companies main site)

so I’ll paste in the URL that were using for this client.

And then the last thing we have to fill out on this page is your default email settings. This is the name and email address that will be used as a default for your account, you can change it later or override it on individual emails. Or broadcasts or sequences.

I’m going to put the from name here

We’ve now got the reply email address, and we will press VO right arrow until we get to

save your information

and we’ll select that option.

Now unfortunately convertkit does not with voice over show you that this information has been updated, however when all you see is that you have one more step which is to confirm your email address then go ahead and confirm your email address, then that page will go away and you’ll be ready to go.

Your next lesson tomorrow is going to be a brief overview of terms to know foru sing convertkit.

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I do this because it’s my goal to do what i can to provide the best life for my younger brothers and my wife who has done so much for our family.

You do not pay any more for ordering threw an affiliate link then what you would pay if you ordered the content directly threw the company producing the product/service.
I’ll be sharing more information about affiliate marketing in the Payown.Club
Contact me if you have any question about what this means for you, and if you don’t wish to support me threw using affiliate links I publish, feel free to google the company/product/service.

what is email marketing and how does it work

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what is email marketing and how does it work

In todays post i hope to answer for you,

what is email marketing and how does it work

Damashe and I the other day recorded a podcast episode it was the email marketing automation examples – DM5.

in that podcast we talked about ways you can automate your email marketing services using tools like Convertkit.

an email marketing service is a service that will let you keep in contact with your customers via email. Hence the name email marketing.

Typically people enter their name and email address into a web form for an incentive,
often the generic incentive is given,

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Side note, No one wants your newsletter, they don’t give a damn about you, they want to know how receiving emails from you is going to benefit them.

This is part of a course i created before back in March of this year.

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Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

In this YouTube video, I’m going to walk you through the process of deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed using voiceover on the Mac operating system. For your reference, I’ll be using Safari and you’ll be able to follow along with me. I’ll outline the steps for you that I took from below, so if you have any questions well reviewing the video hopefully this outline will help.

Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

Here are the steps I took to delete my YouTube channel using voice over.

This is a screenshot of the youtube play page for the video titled "Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed"
Check the video out to follow these steps with me.

  • started out at
  • Look for the text that says:

Account profile

Photo that opens a list of alternate accounts

Popup Button

  • Select “youtube Settings” link, under the name of the channel your working with

Side note: To know what channel your accessing the settings for, once you access that list of accounts the first account red off is the name of the channel. Under the channel name will be the amount of subscribers you have as well.

  • On the settings page, find the heading level 3 toward the bottom called “Account information”
  • Find the link titled “Advanced”

To access the Advanced link directly, be sure your signed into the correct youtube channel and

Click This Link To Access Youtube Advanced Settings

  • Start navigation from the bottom of the page and use vo+Command+shift+H to find “Heading level 3, Delete channel”
  • The first heading you come to on this page is a heading level 1, “Remove youtube content”, followed by your channel image and a prompt to

Hide or delete your youtube content

  • Choose to hide or remove

Hide makes all your youtube videos unlisted

  • Read threw the checkbox’s and check all of them
  • Then tab to

Delete my content

  • Interact with the popup web dialog and confirm you want to delete your youtube account by entering your youtube channel name the way it’s displayed without the quote signs.
    – after you have entered your youtube channel name, find the

Delete my content

Button and select it

  • You will finally see a heading level 1 that says:

Content deleted

  • and your youtube content has successfully been deleted with your eyes closed.

teaching you 3 ways we are using Trello with Automation

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teaching you 3 ways we are using Trello with Automation

In this podcast episode I’m going to teach you 3 ways that we are using trello with automation in our workflow to keep the podcast moving.

I was going to record a video for you this week, but decided two things.

  • first of all I wanted to play with this text editing software more
  • secondly I’m loving the way this Mic brings my voice out
  • oh and I guess thirdly I’m going to be dropping an experience video on youtube later today anyways

How are we using Trello?

So I wanted to share 3 ways to use Trello with Automation and these are what we are doing for the podcast.

  • leveraging Butler for Trello
  • Using Ifttt and Zapier
  • and listen to learn the 3rd way

Listen to this weeks teaching episode

To learn more about these 3 ways I shared with you that we are leveraging trello and automation to make our workflow zing!

What are you doing right now that you wish you didn’t have to do?

Have you considered ways to automate those things?

Lets start a conversation in the comments, I’m really excited to learn your thoughts…

blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while using Fantastical 2

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blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while  using Fantastical 2

In this episode your going to learn how I am blocking time off twice a week to call Evan while  using Fantastical 2. If you didn’t know, Evan is my younger brother who is currently detained in juvenile detention of Montana. I feel bad, because I haven’t been calling him as much as I could have, so I decided why not show you guys how I’m going to remind myself to call him.


The episode I mentioned in this podcast that you should probably check out his the Damashe and Michael Talking Tech (DM) episode 2. Find it here, and take control of your calendar.

thanks Amanda for your question.

deleting a Slack team with your eyes closed

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In this cast I walk you threw deleting a slack team with your eyes closed. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, because I’m announcing something we are working on in the intro, that is only heard if you listen to the podcast. You can connect one on one with myself and the hosts of the your own pay podcast network.

How do you delete a team on slack with your eyes closed?

  • Log into
  • Find the “delete team” heading
  • confirm you want to delete your team
  • enter your password (and don’t forget it like I did)
  • Select “OK” on the confirmation dialog
  • Follow along in the video below

You have deleted a slack team with your eyes closed

And that’s how you delete a slack team with your eyes closed. Did you enjoy this content? If so, don’t forget to share with your most active social media site, because someone your connected to will as well…

Delete a team in slack with your eyes closed, learn how via #yopcast

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