Publish With Purpose People – DM 20

DM20: Publishing with Purpose beside Why are we doing this show? Why should you actively engage on social media? Why take any of the advice you can find on the web about marketing? These three questions all come down to the same answer, having a purpose. Whether we’re talking engaging with your potential … Read morePublish With Purpose People – DM 20

DM19: Customize your site with Themes

Does your site look like every other WordPress site out there? It shouldn’t! looks completely different from, even though both Damashe and Michael are WordPress users, and even use some of the same tools.
Why is this, it is all about the theme you choose for your site. Think of your site’s theme as … Read moreDM19: Customize your site with Themes

Extending wordpress with Plugins

DM18: Extending WordPress with Plugins One of the reasons we prefer discussed in DM16 is the plugin architecture. Extending wordpress with Plugins Plugins for WordPress allow you to really give your site abilities and features to meet your needs, without knowing any code. And yes, there are times where the only way to accomplish … Read moreExtending wordpress with Plugins

Podcast Workflow Using Trello – DM12

Ready to learn our podcast workflow using Trello? This week, Damashe and Michael will share the process for getting the show out to you each week. Producing the DM Show usually starts over a iMessage conversation. While we both love Slack, iMessage is usually immediately available, and consistent regarding accessibility. Trello plays a significant role … Read morePodcast Workflow Using Trello – DM12

DM4: Social Automation Tools

DM4: Social Automation Tools Wait… social automation… You can’t automate society… You are right, but we can automate the information shared socially, thanks to the tools discussed in this week’s episode. Social automation is all about getting your message in front of people on the social networks, without spending all your valuable time on your … Read moreDM4: Social Automation Tools