DM4: Social Automation Tools

DM4: Social Automation Tools Wait… social automation… You can’t automate society… You are right, but we can automate the information shared socially, thanks to the tools discussed in this week’s episode. Social automation is all about getting your message in front of people on the social networks, without spending all your valuable time on your … Read more

DM3: Getting Automated

DM3: Getting Automated Why do you need to “Get Automated”? Are your computers and devices working for you? Can you focus on the enjoyable part of work and let some the tedious tasks get done behind your back? If you listen to this week’s episode… then you will certainly be on your way to automating … Read more

DM2: Calendar Management Tools

Wait… You aren’t using your calendar… 😲 Well here’s the first tip… Start using your calendar! 😉 We’ll jump right in and let you know why using your calendar is so crucial to your life and your business. Find out what happened in Michael’s life that made him start using his calendar… We’ll also discuss … Read more

Manage That Inbox – DM1

Manage That Inbox. In this first episode of the Your Own Pay podcast with Damashe and Michael, dubbed the “DM” series until we come up with a better name, we chat with you about ways that we are able to handle the overwhelming clutter that is your email inbox. If your ready to Manage that … Read more