Twitter Lists – What Are They?

Thanks for this question asked by Ben, calling from Scottsdale, Arizona. He called in and asked the following question: “If you would would you please do a demo on Twitter list for whatever reason. I can’t seem to get my head around them. I mean. I know that they’re a list of tweets, but Beyond … Read more

CK3 – Why I Chose Convertkit #a11y related.

Why I switched to Convertkits specifically.   So yesterday I chatted with you little about why I left my previous autoresponder, check it out here. Today I want to chat with you about why I specifically chose to go with the Convertkit platform, and maybe you’ll think about why you should too. The main reason … Read more

Build On Social Media – #Yopcast E1

Welcome to the your own pay E1. Last time we chatted about how you can  Succeed by failing. Tomorrow we are going to chat about email marketing, your going to love that episode of the your own pay podcast. It feels nice for Michael to be back behind the mic, chatting in a new format … Read more

Resources for Blind Individuals Learning WordPress

Hey Everyone, Michael Babcock here. This is episode number 101 and today we’re talking about resources for blind individuals to learn wordpress. We’re going to cover three different resources, one that you’ve probably heard of, two that you may have not. I found a website called Accessible WordPress site | Training course for Disabled … … Read more

How I got started.

In today’s Sunday story, your going to learn all about how I gotstarted with marketing online. We’ll talk about my experiences withwork from home opportunities, and even go a little too what I didbefore. If you followed me in the past, it’s very possible you’vealready heard the story. This is primarily a posting to help … Read more

Thrive With Automation on Thursdays

Let’s talk about using automation to thrive on Thursday! In order to thrive You need to automate things in order to spend more time with those you care about and eliminate things you find that you’re redundantly doing. If you’re getting any value out of today’s episode don’t forget to share with you’re favorite social … Read more

Five Ways to Teaching Blogging Faster

On today’s WordPress Wednesday podcast I’m going to talk to you about five ways you can teach wordpress faster. If your interested in cohost opportunities for the Your Own Pay Podcast, hit me up @payown and take a look at what we’ve got going on. This article will detail all of my goals relating to … Read more

What Is Success – Success Saturday

Success Tip SaturdayDon’t forget that if you would like to you can show support for the Your Own Pay Podcast and expand your knowledge. Pick a free book from audible up and when you use this link for your free audible book the Your Own Pay Podcast will get paid a $15 commission. It’s a … Read more

Hanging Out With Mike Malarsie

Recently I had the opportunity to interview an amazing individual. If you don’t know Mike Malarsie you don’t know what you’re missing. Today’s interview is going to blow your mind because Mr. Malarsie is taking action and making things happen. You’ll hear all about it in today’s interview but Mike lost his vision due to … Read more