Chat with Desiree of 5 seconds to impress – passionate professional blind individuals

In this Chat with Desiree of 5 seconds to impress – we are talking with another passionate professional blind individual. The questions I asked Desiree are found below this introduction, you’ll need to listen to the episode to hear the answers. However, briefly, you’ll learn about Desiree’s passion for words, and how copywriting doesn’t mean what most people think it means.


Desiree will talk to you a bit about shaving your message, and how to clearly help others understand what you do.


  1. Contact Desiree today her message resonate with you… and if you get any enjoyment out of this episode don’t forget to share with your most active social media…
  2. Who is Desiree?
  3. What is copywriting?
  4. what peeked your interest in copywriting?
  5. What’s the number one challenge you face as a blind copywriter?
  6. How do you overcome this challenge?
  7. What are some important factors a person who is looking to work with a copywriter should already know prior to hiring someone like you?
  8. How involved do you want your clients to be in the copywriting process?
  9. Do you specialize in any particular type of copywriting?
  10. And how would you describe it via your own pace podcast of someone asked you to tell them what it’s all about?



Top four


  1. What is one app, or online service you couldn’t live without?
  2. What is one pease of advise you would give someone who is following there passions?
  3. How have books had an impact on your life?
  4. We were introduced to the iPhone 10 years ago, what’s one thing about technology you are excited to see in the next 10 years?


Can you give contact information for people who want to chat more with you

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