CK1 – How and Why I got started with email marketing

Today we are going to chat about how and why I got started with email marketing. Before we get into the content however, I want to thank a couple of people for reaching out to me and letting me know that I Am doing a good job. First of all, Desiree Reed



My amazing website is here! Huge thanks to @PayOwn for the professional design! You rock! #marketing #a11y

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And you can check her website out at 5 Seconds To Impress.

Secondly, thanks to Amanda Heal at Career Transition Consulting with Amanda Heal. She has provided some feedback for me to improve the way that I’m doing my WordPress teaching, and I’m excited to help share the message about this below:


Put Your Dream To The Test mastermind” by John C. Maxwell. VIA: @payown & @amanda_heal

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I got started building my first mailing list back in December 2012, building an email list to Zip Nada Zilch, One, Two, and Bigcash. I got told Michael, put this system together. We are going to start capturing people’s name, email addresses, and phone numbers. I’ll share how we did this in a moment.

This system had links to my zip nada zilch affiliate links below a replicated video that I paid to use. The video converted prospects, and as Edwin told me the other day it was a shady marketing strategy. That being said, it was very educational.

Driving traffic off of craigslist, posting ads in the jobs section. Informing people to fill out  an application to have more information about working from home. We would then be notified that someone had requested more information about working at home, and reach out to that person. The place where the issue of this strategy arises is that we were taught to convert them, or MoveOn. Nothing related to building an email list an relationship with that list.

I felt guilty because people were not doing the work that was necessary to get the leads, and then they were not converting those leads that they didn’t get it. I think the biggest issue that people have is related to how I felt, it was deceptive and appeared like you were scamming people. I knew the program is real, because there were days where I made $500 or $600 when I really put in the effort. However, others who have never known anything about me, wouldn’t automatically believe me. I needed to build that relationship with them prior to expecting them to convert. Unfortunately however I didn’t build that relationship and used emails and add coffee that someone else created for a generic system. I got burnt out on doing this same thing all the time real fast.

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Subconsciously I felt guilty for people not being more successful, however I learned what I needed to do to build my first email list. I didn’t learn that I needed to build a relationship with that list, however I learned that if I post an add, in the place that someone is looking for the information then people will want to learn more. Then, I give away a free “something”, in this case it was a way to learn about working from home. Then convert the people who come to the site to learn more. I was missing one step, the relationship building process.

Tomorrow I’ll chat with you about my adventures with AWeber, why I switched to them, why I’m no longer with them, and what drew me to Convertkit my current provider. If you want to learn more about Convertkit, check out the playlist I included for you below. I show you how to do some of the things that I learned to do in Convertkit, by using voiceover. Hopefully you like it!


That’s A quick rundown of how I got started with email marketing.


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