closing the free wordpress material down to improve course, info inside

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it’s possible that you may have seen I’ve been seeking beta testers to help me produce the most comprehensive training platform for blind small-business owners.

Wednesday, when I was speaking with Google, I realized I was actually teaching blonde entrepreneurs how to use software as a service platforms.

Most notably, wordpress,(Website design) convertkit, (email marketing) and Thinkific,(learning management system).

I’ve received some amazing feedback from the 43 students who are currently registered for the WordPress course, these students some of which have paid for access to this course and some of which are free beta members, have helped me realize that throwing videos into an LMS isn’t the best way to handle teaching small business owners how to build their own website.

I’ve also learned that it’s important to have a specific end point when it comes to building a course, what are people going to get by the time they finish the material you’re producing?

Finally, someone made the suggestion that I turn the video files that I was producing it into transcripts for people who didn’t want to read them, I’m going to do something a bit better than this…

this includes eliminating videos, switching to audio, and adding those audio as supplemental content not required order to follow the course material.

But I need some feedback from people like you.

In order to make sure that I answers many questions as possible,When it’s release in December or January, I’m going to shoot for the target price of $497 with one bonus that will only be available to people who owned the course by midnight on the opening day, that bonus is access to an exclusive syndication group to help generate traffic from like-minded bloggers looking to build awareness about their business as well.

More details about that coming two beta members in November, and the general public early December.

If you’re interested in having all of these exclusive benefits at no investment, except a little bit of your time and your feedback, then visit the following link and get registered for the course before I close the door Sunday night.

Also, if you have anyone in your network that you think would benefit from this knowledge, then please be sure to forward this email to them before Sunday morning.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside, and I can’t wait to hear what you create.


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