Day 1 at First call resolution

this is the first entry, December 11, 2017, of my adventures with working at the first call resolution contact center.

First of all, I need to take a moment and thank First Call Resolution and the client i’ll be taking calls and chatting for. They offered me an opportunity to prove my skills and are using mainly all web-based applications which makes my job even easier.

My shift started this morning at 9 AM, and I was greeted by a lot of friendly people voices. Titan was welcomed with Awww’s and I was greeted by name.

Teresa at the front desk allready knows me, so that was comforting.

We started out in a classroom with I don’t know how many people, and this kind of was concerning to me.

However, it turns out that first call resolution handles customer service for several different clients, and that Group of individuals that we were put in with was everyone who had to go through orientation and become familiar with the building.

Side note, tighten did amazing following the group. I’ll confess, that was kind of a fear of mine, that he would try to run people over. He likes to be the leader of the pack.

He did fine though.

My training class ended up only being five, including myself which was very nice because I felt like I’ll be able to achieve the personal support that I need in order to reach my growth goals.

In the past this is not been my experience, from what I remember my class while taking calls for Sprint was over 10, and my class for taking Bank of America calls was the same. So I’m glad that my fears of a large training class were for not.

A small class also allows us all to build personal relationships.

It sounds like we are all going to the same team, which with the two aforementioned clients I mention was not the case either.

From what we have been told, the team is as relaxed and fun going as we all seem to be.

Did you know that observing conversations around me and paying attention to tools has relieved a lot of the stress that I might have faced in the future?

Let me give you an example of this, one of the team leads today mentioned that there was a slack channel that they were communicating on.

Most people might not even know what slack is, however when she mentioned slack I realize that,

yeah they’re probably will be some accessibility hurdles but I’ll be able to make it through them because it’s tools like slack that organizations are using now that I’ve trained myself on that prepare me to be able to be successful at this employment.

The client I will be taking calls and receiving chats for his KinderCare Education, a Learnning Center providing services to familys with children between the ages of six weeks, and 12 years old Typically

I don’t know what the cause or the chat will be like, because I haven’t quite experienced them yet.

It’s made to believe that a lot of the inquiries are about getting information about setting an appointment up with a local center for a family.

I hope to provide more details tomorrow.

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(Note, Sunday can change these first blog posts will come out on Sundays, but I don’t know as of the time of writing day one journal what my production schedule will be. I’ll let you all know as soon as I do!



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