Convertkit, Create an online business – Day 1 Journal

Convertkit Create an online business Day 1 Journal,

What’s this Michael?

Read to the end of the article, i’ll explain in a moment. In short though, this is my day 1 journal for the Convertkit Create an online business masterclass.

Which archetype(s) did you pick?

In the list of eight archetypes I chose 2, the lifestyle Creator and the Tinker.

Originally, and for the longest time, I thought I connected most with the provider architect type… However, when reading through today’s material I realized that actually my desire is to provide a better lifestyle for my family.

My wife Mallory would never quit working all the time, that was apparent a couple of months ago when she was out of work due to medical. This i think has put a mental block in my abilities to take things to the next level in business, knowing that Mallory would always work and I was trying to make it so she didn’t have to work.

What aspects of this archetype resonate most with you?

Picking when I have to work, and when i can spend time with Mallory allows us to continue living the way both of us have managed to be happiest.

Having the ability to take her on dates, buy extravagant things for the kids, and new tech when it comes out for myself and Mallory drives me.

Having the ability to teach others the new tech also is exciting but it’s not a driver of mine.

When I tinker, I like to try to figure things out. The description of this architect type did express:

you’ll always work until you land on the one that’s just right for any given situation

I will have to admit that sometimes I do give up before I find a solution, but I do like to test new solutions to try to find the right one for whatever situation I am working on.

Having the lifestyle of not stressing about how bills are going to get paid, or how we can do fun things with the kids would help me arrive at the solutions to problems that I’m trying to solve though.

What life experiences have you had that have created this motivation in you?

I have enjoyed the time I spent teaching assistive technology, and most especially enjoyed the fact that I could go out and get myself things when I wanted to without having to really think about it.

Mallory was able to get a plane ticket, and we did not have to stress about how to “fit it into our budget”.

Having a chance to teach myself new software, zoomtext, and teach it to clients who could use it showed me that i loved learnning how to find the correct solution to solve most any situation.

Will it be more painful over the next 10 years to live the current life you’re living or to start a business?

It would be more painful to continue living the current lifestyle without expanding my business

If you start this business (and it grows as you imagine it will), what will be different in five years and how will that improve your life?

In 5 years I will work 2 days a week on the computer.

Mallory and I will own our own land and home, and the kids ben and andrew will be getting there own cars.

The boys will be following in my footprints by building their own business, or they’ll be exploring work opportunities in the industries that they’re already interested in.

Mallory and I are happily exploring the world and eachother, while not stressing about how to get new shoes for Andrew or what were going to do the next time Ben grows.

I will be paying 3 people to work for me full time, and they will be loving the work they are doing…

What’s this Michael?

This is day number one of my journal entry for the create an online business course from Convertkit.

If you’re interested in taking this course, I’ll publish an update when I hear they reopen the doors.

As it’s the first day of the course, I can’t provides an adequate review of it though I will throughout the course, I’m excited to see what material we are covering.

Every day we have a journal entry, I’ll publish my journal entry on the blog.

And I’m also going to let my mailing list know that I have a journal entry as well.

So, get your free trial of convertkit and join the mailing list all at the same time, fill out this form.

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