Day 2 at FCR

day 2

This morning shift started at and early 7 o’clock in the morning.

Impressively enough though, I was actually alert for my morning material, and didn’t have a cup of coffee on my desk.

a few different people have asked me how my time has been at the new job.

My favorite response to them is to ask me next week, when I’ve actually spent some time doing when I’ll be getting paid for.

Right now, I’m getting paid to sit in a chair and learn!

Not the most fun, but it definitely is educational…

The client

You might remember from yesterday when I told you that we will be taking inbound chat and calls for an early learning center that provides care to children between six weeks–12 years old.

At first when I was asked last Monday which one I would prefer phones or chat, I said chat but I think tomorrow I’m going to change that and let them know that I would preferred to be on the phone.

One of my biggest problems for those who have followed my content over the years is that I’m not the best at spelling, and if you’re reading this blog post it’s probably because I dictated a majority of it.

Today we learned how the tone of the organization that we are presenting to our prospects definitely matters, and especially since we are in an educational setting making it look like we canspell properly is probably more appropriate…

If I am able to talk to these parents on the phone, they’ll be able to hear the excitement in my voice for this new life change they are doing their research for.

so what is it that we do?

The organization that we will be providing chat support and phone support to their prospects is a learnning center that offers services in 39 states throughout the United States.

We learned today that typically what will happen is a parent or expecting parents will reach out to us while doing research to get more information about how long it will take to get there kid into our program, what program might be right for them. We will also be helping them with locating appropriate centers close to their home or work, and contacting the centers on their behalf to ask all of the questions that these individuals need answered.

So why can’t they contacted the center themselves?

Because as you might know, when people are excited about life changes, they like to talk and tell those who they’re calling all the details that are necessary to get the answers to the questions that these people have.

Think of me like a buffer, I gather information from the prospect, enter that information into the appropriate systems, and then contact the center director to ask all the questions that the people had.

Turning a 30 minute conversation into about two minutes…

Because I’m getting to the point in finding out what they need to know.

I know I know, sounds a bit confusing, but I hope to be able to give you more information when we actually get some time observing phone calls and watching other team members take chat.

That might happen tomorrow, but probably more likely Thursday.

Tomorrow we have an outing with a client, so we can chat about numbers and how next month’s numbers can be better than this month.

So today primarily was focused on finishing paperwork, and familiarizing ourselves with the handbook and website of the organization that will be providing support for.

More updates to come later, and if you’d like some exclusive blog content related to how this job is going, enter your name and email address below and I’ll be sure to update you every Sunday.

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