Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

In this YouTube video, I’m going to walk you through the process of deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed using voiceover on the Mac operating system. For your reference, I’ll be using Safari and you’ll be able to follow along with me. I’ll outline the steps for you that I took from below, so if you have any questions well reviewing the video hopefully this outline will help.

Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed

Here are the steps I took to delete my YouTube channel using voice over.

This is a screenshot of the youtube play page for the video titled "Deleting a YouTube channel with your eyes closed"
Check the video out to follow these steps with me.

  • started out at
  • Look for the text that says:

Account profile

Photo that opens a list of alternate accounts

Popup Button

  • Select “youtube Settings” link, under the name of the channel your working with

Side note: To know what channel your accessing the settings for, once you access that list of accounts the first account red off is the name of the channel. Under the channel name will be the amount of subscribers you have as well.

  • On the settings page, find the heading level 3 toward the bottom called “Account information”
  • Find the link titled “Advanced”

To access the Advanced link directly, be sure your signed into the correct youtube channel and

Click This Link To Access Youtube Advanced Settings

  • Start navigation from the bottom of the page and use vo+Command+shift+H to find “Heading level 3, Delete channel”
  • The first heading you come to on this page is a heading level 1, “Remove youtube content”, followed by your channel image and a prompt to

Hide or delete your youtube content

  • Choose to hide or remove

Hide makes all your youtube videos unlisted

  • Read threw the checkbox’s and check all of them
  • Then tab to

Delete my content

  • Interact with the popup web dialog and confirm you want to delete your youtube account by entering your youtube channel name the way it’s displayed without the quote signs.
    – after you have entered your youtube channel name, find the

Delete my content

Button and select it

  • You will finally see a heading level 1 that says:

Content deleted

  • and your youtube content has successfully been deleted with your eyes closed.


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