DM19: Customize your site with Themes

Does your site look like every other WordPress site out there? It shouldn’t! looks completely different from, even though both Damashe and Michael are WordPress users, and even use some of the same tools.
Why is this, it is all about the theme you choose for your site. Think of your site’s theme as the design of your house, or your particular style of dress. You should want your site to reflect the business you are in, but also reflect your personal branding.
A WordPress theme can determine the layout of your site’s navigation links, how photos are displayed, and even the color people see when highlighting a link. And just like Plugins, themes can add functionality to your site in amazing ways.
 Speaking of Plugins
 If you enjoy this episode, you need these 10 plugins from Damashe and Michael [Convertkit form=5033895] How to pick a theme
 With all the available themes out there, both free and payed, which one should you pick for your site?
While this answer differs for each site, there are things to look for when picking a WordPress theme:
* what type of site are you building?
 If you have a store front, then you most likely want a theme that is designed to showcase your products.
 If it is a blog, then your content should should be front and center.
* How customizable is the theme?
 You want the ability to customize different aspects of the theme to fit your needs.
 If you don’t want a slideshow at the top of your site, you should be able to remove it.
* Does the theme get regular updates?
 You don’t want a theme that hasn’t been updated in years, because it could introduce vulnerabilities in to your site, and it’s probably not using the latest and greatest technologies that have been brought to the WordPress core.
 And remember, you can always change your theme without losing any of your site’s content. THe only thing that changes with a theme change is how that content is displayed.
Share with us the theme you like to use by leaving a comment or tweeting us @Damashe and @Payown.
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