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These three questions all come down to the same answer, having a purpose. Whether we’re talking engaging with your potential audience, or consistently publishing new content, it all should have a purpose.

Once you have identified your purpose, then you get down to implementation.

For example, we wanted to do a podcast, but what is the purpose of our podcast? We decided that our purpose of recording a weekly podcast is to share our knowledge of technology to help other business focused individuals maximize their effectiveness. Whether or not we achieve this goal is left up to you the listener, and your feedback helps tweek our processes.

Defining your purpose

I hear some of you saying >I get it, but I’m not a publisher… but you’re wrong.
In today’s world of social media and easy to post blogs, we are all publishing content. But from a business point of view, what is the over all point of your blog or Facebook page?
Defining that purpose gives you direction in posting content, and also builds the expectation of your audience. The process of creating content becomes somewhat easier with a definite purpose in mind, making your content more consistent. This also lets your audience know what to expect, they know that they won’t get cat pictures and videos if you are consistently publishing content giving them personal care tips. This means that when they want tips about grooming, your site will be at top of mind, of course, this also means when they want cat videos, they’ll go elsewhere for that?
How you define your purpose is up to you, but randlomly posting content quickly leads to posting no content.
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