LaunchBar Super Powers – DM 25

DM25: LaunchBar Super Powers Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search Alright, we’re finally doing the show on LaunchBar! Your welcome Marlin LaunchBar is one of my must have apps on any Mac I use. If I don’t have LaunchBar installed, or for some reason it quits, my Mac feels broken. I literally have to stop and figure out what is going on. Damashe (But we both feel the same) You will hear some people refer to LaunchBar as an application launcher, which it can be. Some may refer to it as a clipboard manager, which it can be. Some might even refer to it as a finder replacement… again, it can be. Here’s a quick excerpt from Objective Development, the developers of LaunchBar: Meet the future of productivity. Keep your hands on the keyboard Start with a single keyboard shortcut to access and control every aspect of your digital life. One of the absolute truths of being an accomplished LaunchBar user is that you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. Now as a screen reader user, I am always learning keyboard shortcuts to speed up my work, and LaunchBar just takes that to a whole new level. Here is a brief list of things both myself and Michael use LaunchBar for:

  • Launching apps and scripts
  • Moving files and folders
  • connecting to servers from our favorite ftp apps
  • Keeping a clipboard history
  • Making FaceTime calls
  • Running terminal commands
  • performing web searches
  • Control Music
  • Add calendar appointments
  • Quickly enter emojis ?

As I suggested in the show, take your time and learn to use the features that originally caused you to download LaunchBar. If the problem you saw it solving was a better way to move large numbers of files around, then master that feature first, then move on to another useful feature. While reading ?Take Control of LaunchBar, this advice was one of the most helpful tips I learned. Share your thoughts and uses of LaunchBar by reaching out to us on Twitter, @Damashe and @Payown. Or, just drop a comment below. LaunchBar in Action I recorded this video to show how to configure the clipboard settings Michael mentioned during the show, but I’ll also show off one of the ways I use LaunchBar everyday. [Convertkit form=5067402] Links for this Episode

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