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DM 41: Audio Sauce

We are back for episode 41:
Getting started by talking about virtual workspaces on your computer. Michael has been making great use of the Virtual Desktops on Windows; while Damashe has been less than satisfied with the actual implementation of Spaces on macOS. Using these types of features can really help with optimizing your productivity, and Michael has found that is helps him to stay focused while working.

Damashe has been using the Brave browser lately, and experiencing crashes. Meanwhile, Michael has been enjoying Microsoft’s Edge beta, which is now based on Chromium. They still agree that Chrome is a must have though. Damashe is somewhat concernned that we now essentially have only two browsers. We have Firefox, and other browsers based on their engine, and Chrome and other chromium based browsers. Of course, Safari is there for Mac users, but only for Mac users.

Recently, Damashe recorded an introduction to setting up TextExpander on the Mac, using LoopBack for audio routing and the macOS screen recording feature in Mojave. We have hopes that Rogue Amoeba will release a Loopback lite, perhaps with just one virtual audio device. This could be useful for those not in need of the full version but could still use the functionality from time to time. There is Piezo, which is the little sister to Audio Hijack, but no news about a lite version of Loopback yet.

We also discuss using some of your operating system’s built-in features. For example, the Windows search and Finder search on macOS are really pretty good. We sometimes use third-parry solutions because the initial functionality wasn’t there, or wasn’t good in the os. It can be valuable to revisit those features at times, technology is ever changing.

Finally, we reach out with a challenge… We’re looking for an accessible way to create Electronic documents for signing. While we both have had good experiences signing documents with services like Docusign, neither of us has been able to find a solution for creating the document for signatures.
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