Secure messaging to eBay shoes in DM47

Secure messaging to eBay shoes in DM47


We started this episode out with Michael trying to get the podcast he started accidentally right before recording to stop, and his consideration of butten mapper.





Voiceover Continuously Reading In Chrome



Damashe mentions a bug he has found with Voiceover continuously reading in chrome that has been for him since he upgraded to Catalina.


Damashe hasn’t had a problem like this in brave, however Brave continues to crash for Damashe on the Mac.


Providing feedback


Michael and Damashe talk about providing feedback to the google team.


That and Damashe also mentions the fact that Catalina has a screen reading feature that he could use for providing feedback to the google team for chrome.


Google Meet


We talk briefly about the fact that some individuals have a problem with using Google Chrome.

Damashe than wanted to try Google meet with safari, and he seems to have found some success with that.

We briefly we discuss It’s not the fact that Michael has found inconsistencies with trying to determine whether or not he needs to use virtual viewer on the web with Google properties.

He shares a couple of examples of items that demonstrate this difficulty with understanding the differences for virtual viewer on or virtual viewer off with Google products.


Web App Pain


Damashe shares Michael’s web app pain, starting a conversation about work arounds he’s had to find to get access to Linda material.


This then causes us to transition into a conversation about the benefits of Linda and LinkedIn learning.

Additionally how some users can access these courses for free simply by connecting with their local Public Library.


Trying Lynda.Com


Michael mentions how he’s thought about trying Linda out, however he didn’t know of anything he may want to check out on there.


Damashe shares that he should just try it, because he would be likely to find something that he would get value from.


This being said, he’s going to check it out and see what his experiences are on windows.


Damashe Follows up by letting us know how the lessons are organized with both LinkedIn learning and Linda.

Giving a couple of examples of how he uses it and how others might use it as well.


Michael asks about what types of lessons they have on Linda.


Check Out That Blind Tech Show


Michael Struggles to share his thoughts about the that blind tech show team, and is excited to find real blind people out there who are Authentic or as Damashe so eloquently inserted into the episode, those who have camaraderie.


iPhone SE 2020


This then transitions into our conversation about the iPhone SE 2020, Michael shares some ideas of getting discounted SE 2020’s.


Action Blocks


So I’ve been playing with action blocks a little said Michael.


This stems a conversation with the two of us about how you can use action blocks with Google assistant, so you can generate routines inside of Google assistant and trigger those routines from your home screen.


And we talk about more android apps that Michael enjoys using.


Damashe also asks Michael if Action Blocks Is equivalent to  Taskr, and Michael explains that they are different and easier to set up however Taskr has more system level actions while action blocks can be voiced into the action block for setup.


Michael mentions we have a google event though this event since recording has been moved, however Michael would like to see google assistant improvements.


Recognize Google’S Efforts


Damashe wants to make sure that google gets credit for trying to make things more secure.


Secure messaging, Boring shortcuts, Skype, Smart TV’s, and shoes are how we finish out this episode.



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