DM49 – Wyze Android Arm, and podcasting with zoom



Michael starts this episode out explaining about pricing for the Wyze scale, and explains that if you visit the show’s show notes you can see the unboxing of the scale him and Nicholas did.


Wyze Scale Unboxing


Michael explains the setting up of the Wyze scale, including the fact that when you order the scale the process is to set an account up. If you don’t then you can set the account up when you download the app. However if you set an account up with Wyze while ordering, log into that account.


Unboxing of the Wyze Scale with Nicholas

Open the video in a new window


I don’t have screen shots, however tried emailing the dev email on

your google play store entry, and as you know I can’t email that


I have however provided more information that i hope can help your

the team sees the problem.



So i sent the below message to your support chat, and a friend

suggested i email the email on your android app as the chat rep wanted

me to take a screenshot and circle the buttons that had problems. As a

completely blind user, i am unable to do this. However i can share

some findings in follow-up to the message i sent earlier today.

—Original Message—

i have ordered and received your Scale product.


For the most part, I’m frustrated with the app, but happy with the product.


As a completely blind user, i’m disappointed to see that a majority of

your buttons in the app are unlabeled.


Does your android team have any plans to label these buttons?


A blind user only hears “Unlabeled button”, when browsing through the app.

However the tabs across the bottom are labeled.


I’ve included a few resources for your android team below to help

improve the experience for talkback users.


Make apps more accessible | Android Developers


Buttons – Material Components for Android

(Making buttons accessible)


I do like that i can accessibly get my weight, however getting any

other details is a guess and check as not having labels for these

buttons prevents me from being able to browse thru the additional

information provided.


In addition, i can’t seem to find the section that I can connect my

data to google fit threw; again going back to the unlabeled buttons.


Please advise as to future plans for labeling these buttons.




One of the  unlabeled buttons on the screen is the one directly before

I see the name of my scale, Michael’s Scale.


When tapping this button that reads ” unlabeled button” i am taken to

a screen that allows me to “Edit Devices”, and “Edit Rules” with a

“Done” button that is labeled correctly.


all 3 buttons on this screen in fact have correct labels to them so I

know what they do.


Another example is if i tap on Michael’s Scale (that is labeled thanks

to my wife helping with setup), i see a  unlabeled button at the top

of the screen, the name of my scale, and another  unlabeled button

directly after that.


if i tap on that button i see:


“Add member”, the 2 members i have, and add a member button that has a label.


The second  unlabeled button after the name of my scale takes me to a

screen with scale settings, share, user, units, and to authorise 3rd

party apps.


This screen has an  unlabeled button at the top that takes me back,

however the talkback says ” unlabeled button”.


That’s just a few of the accessibility hurdles i face on android while

using your app.


Thanks for helping with making this app accessible to all users.






We talk about Michael’s understanding of how the audio switching feature in Android 11 works, and Michael explains that his understanding could be incorrect as he doesn’t use this service.


The way he understands it though is that you should be able to switch the location that audio is playing from within your notifications bar.

Michael follows this up with his favorite feature so far on android 11; the ability to see conversation notifications at the top of your notifications.

We also mentioned that a back button does appear in settings, so you can tap on back vs navigate up.

The last item that we mentioned in the messages beta is that you can react to messages for other android users who are on android with you. Michael explains what happens if someone is on an older version of messages and the fact you can remind yourself of messages.




Damashe is asked about what his thoughts are on the roommered ARM chips from apple.

He also tells us why he won’t be trying the first version of the computers with new chips in them, and why he is excited about them.



After a brief mention of what’s coming next episode with some thanking of others for feedback, Michael shares his current mic setup.


Michael also mentions how you want a backup recording while recording, and if you’re a jaws user, you should make sure your soundcard is set to one that doesn’t change. DOn’t set a default sound card as this may change when you plug in your Mic.


Damashe shares his audio setup as well, including a tip for voiceover users.


Wrapping this section up, Michael mentions that you don’t want to record with the tool connecting you and your host if possible; and to record locally for a cleaner sound.




Damashe wants to give some of his basic thoughts about zoom with additional information being provided by Michael.




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