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In this episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) Michael and Damashe talk all about email marketing automation examples.

Starting things out, Damashe talks about the first “mailing list” he joined, “VIPhone – Google Groups” and your also going to here examples of how mailing lists and email marketing lists are different.

Michael then shares what an email list is and gives examples of lead magnets and how you can automate the delivery of this free reason for people to enter there email addresses.



email marketing automation example

Damashe explains a why it’s important for you to listen to these email marketing automation examples, as a business owner it’s important to leverage your time. The auto response that you receive list typed up wants, but goes out customized to the individuals that the person is receiving it Austin thousands of times. The person sending this message doesn’t have to always send a message, they leverage technology to be able to start a relationship with the customer.

Michael talks more about how you don’t want to build your full relationship via email, however leveraging email auto responders is a great way to start the relationship process and get to know the people who are consuming the content that you’re producing.

questions asked in this episode about email marketing automation examples

Some of the answers you will get when you listen to this episode include:

It’s our goal that in this series of podcasts you get a glimpse into the high level aspect of the knowledge that both Damashe and Michael have, your feedback will help direct where we go with this podcast in the future, and that a difference by eliminating all of your excuses.

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