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Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech

Keeping To Your Productivity
[0:00] Hey, bro, let’s get into this thing. It’s Tomassi and Michael. Just talking. Tack.

[0:09] So is edge. Said is your default browser. No. Well, that doesn’t make any sense.
It does not. So what I did is I went thio Seymour APS.

[0:25] That does look for another app on this. Be really you’re gonna make me completely browse to Google Chrome Dxy.
This is ridiculous. Yeah, I think it’ll be faster for me to just open it. See, And people, This is why you need to figure out your work flows for being productive.
When you try new things that you’re trying to get shit done, that is often time was leads to, uh, what is the opposite of being productive? Non productivity.
Yes, will be the way to go.


[0:54] Yeah, it’s funny because a lot of people in the in that trap uh oh, I got to try this new app or just new service or this new feature that just added to my operating system and instead of, you know, setting aside.

[1:08] Quote unquote downtime Thio, you know, play around with a new thing to see if it works.
You’re like, Oh, no, I’m just gonna do it right now, while I’m in the middle of, you know, working.
It’s like, Yeah, that doesn’t always go well. Most times does not go well, So it’s interesting you bring that up because while working, I sometimes you have that ability to have downtime.
Sometimes you have to be flexible to be able to figure out what’s going to make you the most productive while doing everything you need to do on a daily basis.

[1:42] Because I for me, I’ve learned when using zendesk, I need to turn virtual viewer off.
If I want to make any settings to certain parts of the zendesk interface, E want to make any changes to that, then I need turn virtual viewer off.
Well, I worked for the company that I’m working for right now, and it took me a month to figure that out. But now that I know it, it makes me a lot more productive at my job on a daily basis.

[2:12] But it’s not like I could just sit around and poking different things, but that comes down to your.

[2:21] Ability or desire to be more productive. Because if you just want to get the minimum done and take however long you want, then you’re not gonna find those little loopholes while you while you’re working.

[2:34] Yeah, I don’t know if that made any sense. Yeah, I don’t Yeah, it didn’t make sense.
And I don’t mean, like, be completely inflexible. What I was more touching on is like, let’s say so.
Apple ads, you know, like when Apple updated reminders, for example.
Right. And you know, instead of you saying okay, I’m gonna take a look at this reminders out, See if it works, like, Nope, moving everything into reminders right away, Uh, it expecting to continue to be productive or, you know,
somebody tells you about how great Texas Manders, and you’re like, Okay, I’m going to start using that right now, like you go download it and start where you’re going to spend, like, 10 minutes getting it set up.

[3:11] Then you got to figure out how to use it. Well, you’re supposed to be working.

[3:15] Right, like you’re not getting any work done because you’re filling with this thing that’s supposed to make you more productive like and and in your environment is very different because you really wouldn’t have time to sit there and fiddle with Texas.
Spending like that is definitely a a down time sort of activity.
Ah, yeah, you’re right. Like there are times where you need to figure stuff out as you’re going, and you should totally be flexible enough to do that. But you also have to be, I think.

[3:42] Um, intuitive enough to understand when something is wasting time versus you getting something done. It’s like, Okay, I’m doing this a long way. Okay, Well, right now I cannot stop my job or stop my work to automate this, But I know it’s automated.
Okay? I’m gonna push that off to a later date instead of just stopping in the middle of your work And, like, Okay, I’m gonna figure out automate this, right? This apple script, you know, do this, do this.
You spend 2.5 hours and look, I’m guilty of it. First of all, like I had to learn the lesson that I’m speaking right now, but also, I am guilty of spending two hours on working on getting a little script toe work. That may be saved me 10 seconds every time I use it.

[4:21] Ah, but thing is, I don’t ever have to worry about doing that that process again, because I have a script that does it for number one.
I may never get those entire two hours back over the lifetime of using it.
But the second thing that automation brings into your workflow,
uh, is the ability to eliminate missed aches like when something done precisely by the computer every single time and that eliminates the mist aches, Uh, that you, the human were made because you will forget a step in this process.
Well, let’s let’s get a little more technical. That eliminates the mistakes that may happen until I t decides they have better ideas in mind for you and changes a little thing around.
We’ll see. That’s why I two people who should be like me Well, maybe not exactly like me, but they should be more like me.
They should think more like me, which means number one before we push anything out here to the to the and I don’t really seriously don’t mean for this to sound derogatory it all.
But before I push this out here to the regular people for them to have to use it, it should be tested first to make sure that it does what we think is going to do.
Not just Oh, this looks great, right to code or make the changes to the settings and hit update. Now everybody’s got it.

[5:37] Uh, it was like wordpress like you don’t just go around randomly updating your WordPress site because 5.5 is out. Let me update it. Uh, it broke a couple of days.
Like there were some issues where people couldn’t, you know, add like what they call the image. The primary image that shows up on your press post. Yeah, like they couldn’t feature them. Change next. Yeah. Feature images. Thank you.

[6:00] Uh, and for some people toe solution to that problem was to clear their browser cache, right? And then that, for some reason, solve the problem. Very weird. What? It turns out to be his word pressure removed some.

[6:14] Portion of the Jaqui library is very technical in order to get into it, removed a portion of J Career library that a lot of plugging developers were actually using at 5.5. So they had to put it back in 5.5 point one because it broke a ton of stuff for different.
But if you went around just, you know, operating on the premise, well, it’s an update.
We’re going to update it to see the update, right? And then now you’re customers. Coworkers, etcetera, can’t update their block posts or make changes in the way that they’re used to because you just broke something cause you could test it first, right? That that’s the whole premise behind you. Know what?
A lot of corporate on the other side. You can’t be so rigid that you can’t move swiftly to, you know, roll out of update to your end users.

[7:02] When there’s a major flaw, you can’t take six weeks to text the update that contains a serious patch for a remote execution.
Vulnerability, uh, to your software like that zone Unacceptable because in the meantime, while you’re testing people to get the act, it’s a fine line, Thio straddle because you you want to stay secure.

[7:25] But you don’t want to break shit when you’re trying to stay secure.
So and you know this This is primarily focused at that point for we’re talking about honestly to corporate customers or customers who are working with multiple different people.
Because on the other hand, I see an update and Rami tells me to update it, Uh e like, man, push the button, man.
I’ll do it if you’re gonna do it. So I see an update, and I will go in and push that button and I will update and because it’s all,
my stuff I mean, the worst is going to do is you’re not gonna be able to do something and well, between you and me and the listeners and whoever’s ears wearing,
I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out your way around it.
If WordPress breaks or you will have already had the heads up and say, Hey, I can’t I can’t add media, Michael, because you updated your WordPress site.
But the thing is, is it’s the two of us, and that’s really the only two people that log into that site.
Now if I was managing a site for, you know, 5, 10 15 different people, then I would definitely need to figure out a solution to test that prior to pushing that update button. Because I’ll be honest.
I hate seeing those notifications and WordPress that says five new updates. So what needs to be updated? So I have to go in and get that that button to go away. So that way I don’t see any updates.

[8:41] Yeah, and that’s that’s sort of the downside to that whole operation.
I I often times if I’m completely managing the updates for a site, for example, Uh, and the owner of the site is, you know, just.

[8:57] Posting content, etcetera. I will hide admin notifications from anybody else so they don’t ever see the update notification?
Because the instinct is to just push the button to make it go away. And I was like, Oh, there’s update.
I better update it right now, uh, that that’s kind of the world that we live in because people have been trained to that sort of behavior like, Oh, there’s a thing.
Click it, do this, do this. And then you also hear people like me who don’t necessarily all the time clearly explain what we say. Well, you got to stay up to date, so you stay secure.
He’s like, Oh, so there’s an update. I should push it just in case it’s got something to do with Security is like, yeah, take proper precautions, right? And that’s the thing that a lot of people leave out of that hole. Step is like your scenario. If you just update, you don’t pay right, and then it breaks something.
Well, number one uh, there’s a backup of that’s like that’s within the last 24 hours that has been performed so, like, completely hosted site like it just rolled back to the update right like that. That’s a quick recovery. I was out of anything else.

[9:54] Um, everybody did not take it just like me. When I update my man like I get update was like, there’s update for Mac OS 10 0.15 point seven or whatever.

Back It Up

[10:06] Yeah, uh, if I’m not actually doing any work when I see that, I will go ahead and update it.
But I also have a backup that was done it like three something this morning, right? So if it hoses my system like the worst is gonna have the worst problem. I have to deal with eyes potential screwing up of iCloud data.
Right? Because Google is not gonna let you wipe out all of my stuff out of my Google Drive folder just instantly like that.
And I have a backup that I could restore back to the previous version of Mac OS, so I feel more comfortable hitting that update.
Plus, I don’t have a Mac to go test the update on what it’s like. Well, let me test this up.
It’s old back and see if you like there, isn’t it.
But again, like taking proper precautions, though you feel more comfortable doing that right.
Whereas for clients, I you’re gonna take a little bit more mawr patients, even to the point of like, Well, I’ve updated my site, and I use, you know, some of the same plug ins that use over there.
There are no issues. There have been no issues reported by anybody that just, you know, completely hose somebody’s database or something, so it should be safe to update, right. You don’t have to necessarily go through the entire thorough, um.

[11:13] You know, deployed. Pull a copy of the site. Local installed it locally.
Updated locally. Okay, that works locally. Okay, push it to a staging server.
Okay? It works in staging. Now we can update the productions.
Like Like you don’t have to go through that entire process, especially for, you know, most WordPress sites.
It’s like if you if you have a enterprising site, big business, you know, New York Times, something like that is run on. WordPress like that process should already be in place, right? They do need to do that because they cannot afford to, but they’re they’re really, honestly wouldn’t even want to be involved in there.

[11:46] Deployment slash update process. Uh, because in between you testing update like somebody’s posted 10 new articles to the website E.
Roll the database over that. Like, uh, database merging.
I don’t like it. Uh, thing.

[12:05] So moral of this section of the podcast is, if you’re going to try things out, figure out what your workflow is to try him out. Would that be?

[12:14] Roll it out to a test group of people to see how they like it, Or just make sure you have a backup because backups concern Save your ass. A lot of times I told Mike this story before offline, I don’t know if I ever mentioned it on the podcast.
I was going through doing some cleanup on my system because I was trying to recourse restore some storage space on my SSD, and I deleted a couple of folders that I shouldn’t have deleted.
But I wasn’t thinking I was like, Well, no longer working on that project or no longer I’m not currently working on that. I need to do blah, blah, blah.
And unfortunately, the CONFIG files were also in the folder that let me connect to databases or whatever it was like. I don’t even know what the name of the databases anymore. Uh.

[12:59] Well, backups saved my tail, right? I was actually going to arc for this particular do.
And the thing is, like, I didn’t realize it until two days later. So, like I have backups, my backups on the external drive were written like, Oh, you deleted that file.
We’re gonna delete that file. Alright, Get there. That’s what you wanted us to do, Arc, is what saved my tail.
In that case, we go back a week, an ark, and then pull the file and re, you know, reacted to my back to my computer arc. Amazing application.

[13:30] I have not looked at version six of that recently, but I do know it looks appears to be an electron app. It works very hardly on the back.
Mike says it works good on windows.
Sure does. I mean, it’s not fully accessible on windows, but it’s it’s doable For what?
You need to dio art five. On the other hand, I’ll let you explain that on the map, but on Windows and not the most user friendly kind of interesting how that flip flops E,
Yeah, Arc five is what I’m what I’m currently using right now because it is still, uh, watch percent accessible.
I should I have mentioned this to Mike. I should ask you send feedback to the developer about version six, and I feel like I kind of did.

Sending Feedback

[14:15] But I’m not certain if I actually sent it or if I wrote it and then never got around to sending it because it is a little if he just sort of explains one of those accessibility things like showing somebody is much better than.

[14:28] Uh, you know, much better than trying to,
explain it to them and worse, because it’s like you really have to be a voiceover user in order to understand what I’m trying to tell you, unless I show it to you and then just getting out stream flow, toe record, a quick demonstration that,
you’re not ultimately going to make money from is it’s a lot of work.
I mean, you might think, Oh, I just you could just record a So I told them Aussie about this yesterday.
You could just record a quick game of you’re doing it Well, that’s that Things don’t always work the way you expect them to dio.
For example, yesterday I was working on one of my Kelly Co segment, Prerecorded Things and I Got,
Time kind of got away from me, and I recorded for 20 minutes and after editing and everything realized I only had three minutes of content.
So sometimes when you’re trying to get get something recorded, especially if you wanted to come out Semiprofessional, so people will take you seriously. It’s not as easy as just whip it out and record it.

Talking Productivity
[15:28] So democracy. Let’s transition into the primary topic of something that I know.
We’ve talked about offline, and I think we kind of want to focus on links to anything mentioned obviously in this episode can be found at your own pay dot com slash d m 57.

[15:47] Yes, D M 57 had to make sure I had that right. And because way are ahead officially.
So now it’s going to throw me off that is, productive ity and using APS to help you be more productive.
We’ve touched on this a couple of times I’ve mentioned to do us. Tomas is mentioned to do it. I’m fairly certain De Masi has mentioned Omni Focus on the podcast.
But when I realized that I was kind of falling off of the to do list bandwagon like Man, E told them Aussie and,
I believe either he said it or I said it, but we figured we needed to talk about to do it in our productive ity habits on the podcast.
So what are you doing for productive ity and how is that going for you? Tomasi.
Here’s where I am and I am. There’s some stuff that makes it into to do it for me, and there is a lot more stuff that is not making it into to do ist um.

[16:48] Part of it is just I don’t know, man like, I really can’t explain how I feel, but I just feel like things air tedious Thio ad.
It’s like, you know, open up the app tap add, you know, type in or dictate se.
But then I got to configure all these little minor steps, and some of this could be possibly remedied by me going over some of the help,
docks a little bit more to figure out how to, you know, set the reminder schedule, uh, in natural language.
So I don’t have to manually go through and select, you know, notify me, remind me, etcetera, etcetera.
But it just feels a little tedious because I’m thinking about something I could very easily, you know, write that down.
But then it’s the extra parameters that air starting Thio that that seemed to really kind of aggravate me. It’s like, Oh, what’s to do date and does it go to a project or not? So I’m not doing great with to do. Is that the moment I’m still using it?
I’m still overall happy with to do its itself like that. I don’t think there’s any other application out there that solves this problem in any sort of significant way that that makes it different.
Eyes just don’t know my just TDs. So For me, it’s slightly different cause I have a love hate relationship with to do us myself.
I have a problem with completing tasks.
So I get shit done. I get stuff done. But then I forget to go market off into do with saying, Hey, I finished that up.

[18:14] So on Android, which probably by the time this episode comes out, we will have changed things. So hopefully you’re following us on Twitter because I’m really looking at the iPhone for me.
I can just add a add new task widget to the bottom right corner of my phone.
Is there an add new task widget or a quick way to add new task?
Because I’m wondering if maybe leveraging shortcuts in some manner might help with remedying your problem with getting tasks.
And, um, there is So now when I was 14 years, they add, uh, there’s several kind of widget for to do is to actually, uh, one,
is a add new task on its even customized down to, you know, letting you pick the project that is going to go to or the label that will be applied to us.
So it is pretty. I haven’t actually sat down and said it. Witches are a little fiddly with voiceover on 14 right now, like they seem to be not all of them are as accessible as others, so you have to do a little faffing around to get it to work.
But that that does exist another thing is that, like I need to.
So I part of this is my fault because I started deconstructing some of the automation is and things that I had set up because things to me, at least it got out of control.
I had, like, I don’t know, 200 some shortcuts. And like most of these.

[19:31] Uh, drafts, I cleaned out my I’ve been to cleaning out my draft, so I dumped most of the actions that I had in drafts itself for very handful that I knew I used on a very regular basis.
And then I started either rebuilding or, you know, adding action someone else had created. I still wanna ask you don’t my entire database of drafts out and empty it out as well.
But there is some stuff that I need to keep their. So I’ve been doing some digital cleaning, one draft action that I need to add back, which I have one.
Now I need to tweak it a little bit, but I said and draft like as we’re from, you know, conducting a call with a potential.

[20:09] Customer, I will write down things right, and then I can run this this action and it will add all those things to a particular project or inbox or whatever, and to do it now, what I want is to be able to,
write my notes and then using particular.
Indicators like saying putting a hyphen in front of something would indicate the deaths a task so that is not trying to process the entire draft is looping through the draft and picking out the things that match a certain, you know, syntax and adding those as,
actions as to do so.

[20:42] Uh to do is shortcuts.
I really have not played around at all.
To do is short cuts that are there partially because going into the summer, you know, a lot of shortcut. She was broken.
Uh, yeah, going from out. And you are on beta over the summer, weren’t you?
Yeah, I was. That’s what I’m saying. Like a lot of stuff was broken on beta with short because, like some, you know, dissipated, This works Next beta, That doesn’t work. But now this one works like it’s very weird. So I didn’t start adding new stuff.
Also, they change. They make some underlying changes to the way shortcuts work in 14.
So I didn’t really the entire summer.
Other than some shortcuts that I built just to test things, I really didn’t add anything new or try out anything new because I knew, you know, I wasn’t gonna really get the full effect of it until they could push their updates live two hours 14 once it was released.
So, for example, there’s there’s new actions for several laps. Like Devon Thing, for example, has, uh, shortcut actions now, So you don’t have to screw around with the u R L scheme to do stuff.
And I think a lot of that is due to some of the underlying changes in 14.
So, yeah, you’re right. There are ways to automate the process,
is just one thing that I need to do personally because, like I said, well, you know, spending most of the time is trying to get the reminders toe work because I don’t always get notifications when I think I should. I know I have set them up, and it’s like, Oh, I’m to the notification for that thing that I forgot about,
Yeah, also like you.

[22:10] Um, the things that make it in there like their their uh like you, like, oftentimes forget to go check them off like I have done the thing and it’s like, Oh, I’m going to do is Thio,
clean up some stuff or add some new things create a new project or something like, Oh, I don’t have all these past due to Oh, I did that.
I did that. I did that. I did that. I did. Just like Jesus. Like what?
But that goes back to the notification problem, right?
I don’t get a notification. So it doesn’t necessarily prompt me, because that’s my prompt right is like either I need to go start doing this because I haven’t done it yet, or I have done it.
So let me check it off, because I got the notification, which is fairly easy to do, you know, even from the lock screen, like, just, you know, flick down, complete.
All right, you’re done. That Mark O that is the man Flick down.
Just flick down.
Uh, some of the other things I do want to do it to do is to, uh, you know, get Mawr introducing the A p.
I with third party services like we have a couple of things that, you know for for our hosting project that we’re working on like that is one thing I wanna be able to do is that support tickets come in and have those get filed to a project into newest.

[23:24] Uh, so did I see it? But I’m not dealing with email because man email annoys me todo but I’m still to do it’s usual, man.
Like it is going forward. And I said I probably should spend some time with the docks a little bit more.
Uh, you found an interesting article on Reddit that someone walked through this What looks like an extremely convoluted way of doing the for date. What was what was what I said when I sent that to you?
Uh, I think this looks like what you want, but I need to wrap my mind around.
I read it and I was like, Oh, I get the gist of what they did.
I need to get a couple of times before I could actually go produced. And it’s like, Do I really want to go through all of that trouble? Because here’s the problem with it. Like, here is the overarching problem with it anyway.

[24:18] Ah, it is the manual moving over task or task from this list to that list.
So did they go from being, you know, deferred into active, and then now I’m done with it, especially if it’s a recurring task something to move it back. That’s problematic democracy.
My question for you, though, is why to do ist over omni focus. If Omni Focus was working well for you in the past Very simple Web access,
A p I a third party integrations like that.
That is what did it once I started looking at to do it in the accessibility of the hours app did improve.
Uh, tremendously. Over the years, the Mac app has gotten better.
It’s not perfect, but it’s better than what it was. But, uh, yeah, it’s It’s the ability for third party integrations like, uh.

[25:10] You know, like I said, our support ticketing system that we configure for businesses like for me at least is gonna be tied to to do it.
So if one of you guys marks assigns attached to me and they’re like, that’s gonna go to to do it, so that way, I don’t forget about it.
Uh, that’s something I can’t do with Omni.
Focus at this point, uh, the closest you get to third party integration when Omni Focus is,
forging a email to your Super Secret Army focus email address, which then goes to your inbox because last I looked, they did not have the capability.
They did have the capability for you to create multiple of those secret email addresses. Like I could give one to Michael that Michael could use and did I could.
So if Mike started to annoy me with task, I could turn here is often not school. My stuff.
Uh, but they all go to the inbox.
It’s not like, Oh, here’s one for your you know, d M D projects or everything that gets it to this address goes to d m d like there wasn’t even that level of customization. And I’m not certain that they’re gonna be able to or at least at this current time, they’re able to even do that.
Uh, so you look at something like Xavier that does have an integration with.

[26:23] So is a pure, sappy or whatever Z a whatever is happier.
You look zap yer that has integrations for Omni Focus.
But all it is basically doing is the same thing.
It’s like whatever comes into zapper or whatever gets processed buys.
Appier then gets sent to your Omni Omni Focus email that goes into your inbox.
So now is incumbent upon you to go to your inbox and separate things out and move them around and assigned them to the correct project.
Now, on the one hand, I hear some people yelling. I am yelling at myself right now. That’s part of the whole getting things done mentality.
You dump it all in the in, boxing in your process. It later.
Mhm, Yeah, How’s that working out for you to Moscow? Yeah, so look, that works to a certain extent.
But sometimes I know where a thing needs to go, but they know exactly where it needs to go. I don’t wanna have to process it in my inbox, or I don’t want it to get lost in the mix with other stuff.
Go back to our support ticketing system.
A question comes in. Mike sees it first But then Mike says, Oh, well, that’s the thing for democracy to deal because I don’t know the answer to that. So he assigns it to me.
It goes toe not only focus to do it well, the way that might to do is is gonna be configured that anything come again. First off, it goes to a particular project.

[27:48] And everything in that project gets a label in a super high priority.
So nothing in that labor or project nothing in that label is gonna be, uh, you know, priority for priority theories when we probably won, because I need to look at it, or at least priority to We’ll save the priority water stuff with some shit really blows up.
But party to write. So that automatically means that if I just have a filter dish says, show me all of the priority to stuff I haven’t had to go in and move anything, right?
This task came in and got assigned to me what Teoh to do list,
and bam when I opened up a particular filter that said, Show me all of the things assigned to me that have priority to Well, then, now I see somebody is having a problem with their media files in WordPress.
Okay, let’s go solve this problem, Omni focused. That’s in the in box, which means if I go process my inbox at 10 o’clock at night, well, you know, probably not going to feel like trying to solve that problem 10 30 at night.

[28:53] Which means it gets pushed off to tomorrow, so Yeah, third party integrations.
What? Do that for me? The biggest thing I miss about Army focus at this point.
Honestly, that is difficult to duplicate. And to do it is, uh, differ date.
Sometimes you have a project and the best example this guy gave in the or this person gave all the office car.
Not that this person gave and read. It was I have recurring task to, you know, change. The filter in the furnace is, um ah.
Well, once I check that all of us not do again for another three months, I don’t want to keep seeing that when I look at my task list, uh, that I need to deal with the furnace because it’s not do. It’s not time yet.

[29:38] It will be awesome if to do is get add, like some sort of deferred day or some feature. They don’t have to call it the first days because it was hide intel or show good hide until or something. Ah.

[29:54] And there’s people out there saying, Well, just look at your daily tasks or your seven days test. Well, sometimes I wanna look at all of the household tasks to say, Well, what do I need to get done?
And some of those tasks will show up even though they’re like, for me, mine is changed. The water filter.
I have to change the water filter every I think it’s 160 days or something. I put whatever the package said I literally threw that into. To do is change water, filter every 160 days. And you know what?
Every 160 days it pops up and tells me that I need to do it.
Thea, other one related to that is because I know we have three water filters.
I put I multiplied 100 and 60 times three, and I said by new water filters in X amount of days, So I don’t want to see that I need to buy new water filters until it’s actually that time.
Um, but if I go look at all my household tasks, there it is right there.
Granted, I see the due date, but I really don’t wanna worry about that.
Yeah, because what if you like, you might be in a frenzy, and you’re like frantically buying things in Amazon or Walmart e by this, too?
Because I need this. We’re all shit. I did not need those water filters, and I just 45 bucks on water filters I didn’t need yet.

[31:12] Yep. Yep. But now I could mark this off, and it won’t remind me for, Well, if I set it up right, Every exclamation mark, 600 days or whatever now won’t remind me for 600 more days, but it will still be there.
So I might buy more water filters a couple of face, right? Like it’s not just that I’m gonna foolishly do something that I didn’t intend on doing like that. That’s possible in some circumstances. But it’s also like it’s just cluttering up the interfaces like, Oh, never mind. Ignore that. Ignore that.
And then your mind gets into this state where is, like, you see something it doesn’t immediately all the information that you just took, it doesn’t immediately click.
And you start ignoring things because you keep seeing them until it’s like, Oh, I didn’t check it off because Oh, shit.
I actually did it to do that yesterday on. Then you fall into the trap that we found ourself in where you’re not adding task to the tool to help you with staying on task. And you’re not completing tasks in the tool to help you stay on task. Here you go.
But enough beating up on the app. So, Mike, what are you doing that is working for you and to do it?
Because one thing I want you to, you know, talk to what talk to me about which, when you talk to everybody else about at this point is your use of labels.
That’s something really haven’t explored too much. I do know you have a couple that help you deal with filtering.

[32:30] Yeah, So I have a set up. It’s It’s a pretty basic set up, in my opinion.
Eso What I have is I have my inbox like everyone has.
I do dump tasks in there every once in a while.
But like you, I also like to be able to categorize or moved to a specific project items when they need to be moved, and then I have to labels. Right now I have a well to that I can think of in chair.
I have a Bills label and then I have a phone calls label.
I also have a smiling heart. Emoji that are that to me. Reminds me I need to talk to Mallory about this. Usually if something comes up during the day and I need to talk to her, I’ll throw that label on it and then I can have filter set up.
Well, actually, I’m not using filters. I’m just and I’m thinking about this now.
I just use the label itself and pull that up.
Or is that a filter set up that grabs the label? I don’t remember.
Ah, so I could ask you a question, but that is a very Mallory doesn’t listen to the show, does she?
No, No. See, she doesn’t. This is why she should listen.
She shouldn’t listen to any prior episodes because But with her job, maybe. Maybe now I can download a podcast app and she’ll start listening. Yeah.

[33:50] Uh, anyway, uh, but yeah, So if you’re not so if you don’t do, like a filter where it’s, like show task that have this label in our blah, blah, blah, like, just happy if you just go to the label, just tap on it that that technically is a filter.
But you didn’t make it just like it’s just showing your stuff with that label.
Uh, but you can set up a like one of the things that I know I have set up and this might be redundant, but I do have a set up A zey, as a bills filter,
is, I have a Bills tag and all of my task to keep my household, uh, to keep my inbox empty, go into the household project, which I was just talking about.
And so if I want to go see all of my bills, I hit the menu button in the top left corner on Android.
I go down to bills, which I believe is the label, and I just tap on that and it shows me the bills.
I think I can set up a filter while I’m thinking about this.
That would show me just bills due in the next week. Um, but I’m not 100% sure how that would work.
Yeah, because I’m horrible about that. Yeah, but that that is that that would be you setting couple filter.
So it’s like, you know, label on it.
Kinda if I remember, Because I haven’t set up a filter in a while, actually, but it will be sort of like, Okay, anything with this label you would put in the label, like, I think it kind of wash it through the process, Uh.

[35:14] And due date within, you know, next seven days.
So that would constantly be a moving target. Right? So, like, if a bill was due today, it would show up when you look at it today.
But when you look at it tomorrow, that bill shouldn’t be there because it is not within the seven days now, But that doesn’t mean you actually marked it as complete. It’s just based on the dude because that you did not pay that bill.
What? So yes. Uh, yeah, that is literally the one thing I can consistently say that I used to do is for I know my bills start about the 25th or 26th of the month.
So about the 25th or 26th of the month, I kind of work out of the Bills tab.
I go in and I pay some bills that I no need to be paid, and then I’ll check them off in there. And I do remember to check those off.
But here’s the thing with bills when you’re just working out of the label, not the tab, but the label.
Uh, if I marked off, pay the water bill, which is due the 29th of the month, and I marked it off on the 27th because I got paid a couple days early and I just went and took care of that.

[36:19] I still see pay the water bill, but it says the 29th of October instead of the 29th of September.
And that’s why deferring tasks or setting up a good filtering system, which I need to get back into the habit of doing, would be nice.
When I’m on IOS. I do plan to do it and honestly, actions. I miss actions.
I already said that, but the actions are other option to build to just flick down the market task is complete because right now.

[36:48] I have toe flick to the right of the task to find the check box to market complete, which sounds trivial.
It does sound trivial, but flicking down once and double tapping sounds a lot more convenient to me. Although now that I’m thinking about it, it’s the same thing. I’m just flicking in a different direction.

[37:08] Can you, Mark, Can you select items with the road or into do ist like both select Um so let’s say you had 20 task to your inbox and you’re like, You know what?
10 of these need to go into the podcast, uh, project.
Can you multi select? Because with Android, you have to double tap and hold on each task. Just look add it to the multi selection. So to do that, you hit the more actions button in the top right corner, mhm.

[37:37] And then there’s a select task option in that menu that pops up. Then you can go through and just double tap to select the task.
Uh, I should see if that works the same on Android because maybe I’ve been doing it a long way for a while because there is a more options button in the top right corner, but I’ve just found double tap and hold.
Do you feel that little tap? And then you go down double tap and hold, because if you just double tap on a task and not double tap and hold, then it pulls you into the task so you could make modifications to that task itself.

[38:06] Double tapping and holding just then when I did it, because I thought that was the way to do it.
And maybe maybe that’s a hold over for me. Looking at it on the android, uh, brought up the context menu, which gives you the same options that are basically on the road or for voiceover users, which is, uh, maybe select task was in that menu.
I didn’t go out with that. I just saw, uh, complete reschedule.
Couple of the things that are in the road when I was like, Okay, it’s a roller thing. I know that there is a way to get that instantly pop up.
Yeah, the more actions button top right corner get you there to do this is actually really a nice app.
Thistle. Terribly awesome service.
Uh, and maybe I just feel to anything Yeah, yeah, Maybe we should.
We’ll readdress filtering. I think we need to commit to playing with to do it in the next couple of weeks and figuring it out because it could be even more powerful than what we’re using it for right now.
Because right now, if if if you’re using it the way it sounds like you’re using it, we’re both just using it for pretty much Get this out of my mind.
I’ll go completed when I got time versus I should be working directly from this app like I used to be in the past when I first got started and maybe that’s.

[39:22] I was gonna say, Maybe that’s just part of growing with the task management tool is you realize once you put it in there, you’re going to do that task. But there’s going to be a consistent way, toe complete stuff.
So do watch over the next couple of weeks. I think we’ll focus on trying to be more productive and keeping track of that productive it because,
well, I feel like we have this conversation about two or three times a year, either on a podcast or privately with trying to get things Mawr,
completed, Maura and being more productive insight of to do it,
uh, let us know what you’re using,
for productivity and to keep track of all of the task because I’m very intrigued by people who are just using IOS reminders.

[40:09] I don’t know if that would work for me, but I also haven’t played with IOS reminders. So let us know.
Uh, he’s on Twitter at De Masi D a M A S h E, and I’m on Twitter at Pay on p A y o W n show notes um, links to stuff mentioned at your own pay dot com slash d m.
Of 57 You’ve been listening to your own pay podcast.
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