DM7: 1Password

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Wednesday, Apr 5At 8:15AM PST (west coast time)

DM7: 1Password

Let's be completely honest… We humans are terrible at remembering things. This can be as simple as forgetting why we opened the fridge, to forgetting that all important date we should never forget.?
And of course, we certainly can't remember a different password for all of our different online services, accounts, and networks…?

No worries, Damashe and Michael are going to introduce you to 1Password, which will at least solve the problem of keeping your internet life secure.
In this episode Damashe will explain what 1Password is and why you should be using a password manager to secure your online accounts. Damashe also explains some of the features of 1Password beyond storing your user names and passwords.
Hint it won't help you with remembering that all important date, yeah, you know the one… check out dm2 for our tips on using your calendar. ?

Find out what held Michael back from using any password manager, and why he now loudly recommends everyone use 1Password. Michael and Damashe also discuss the overall cost of 1Password, and some of the differences in the family and team subscriptions.
Michael also asks the question

As an Apple platform user, why wouldn't I just use iCloud Keychain?

We wrap up this week's episode with this advice:
Start taking your online security more seriously by using a password manager, and take advantage of the 1Password free 30-day trial and decide if it is right for you.
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