Does Customer Service Impact What You Pay?

Will you pay more for customer service?


In today’s podcast I recorded a quick audio live from our local Starbucks. In this audio I discussed with you the reason that Starbucks in my opinion does so well. While I’m recording the introduction to this podcast, I reflect that one guy paid nine dollars for a single cup of coffee, that’s unheard of.


First of all, I apologize that I sound a bit distracted in the primary part of this podcast. As stated in the introduction , I am recording this podcast live from our local Starbucks, and there are some “distracted” individuals behind me speaking. The lesson I learned from this, take my headphones with me and actually record the podcast with headphones.


Would you pay more if an organization provided you excellent customer service? And, what is excellent customer service? Obviously the fact that someone provides excellent customer service is subjective, however I feel that as long as you acknowledge what the customer feels, and treat them the way they expect to be treated, then you’re going to do business better in general.


What’s that old saying? Treat those how you would want to be treated? That comes back around to those of us in business, if you treat someone like shit then there always going to treat you like shit. However, if you would acknowledge  the fact that they are real people, and you treat them the way you wish you were treated, then your business will explode.


What is something you have paid more for just because the customer service was better than you expected?


Looking forward to the discussion in the comments. Additionally, did you enjoy this content?