Dreevay in the dark – Episode 4 – My Friend Pat

My friend pat is the latest episode of Dreevay in the dark. In this episode, in where Marlon and his friend Pat go to a spa. You will hear these adventures as they explore Trinidad and Tobago as two blind travelers. From people trying to be helpful, to others who are two stush to eat normal Pizza, to pulling out enough toxins out of  bodies that can fill 4 people. You’re definitely in for an amazing adventure this episode. Take a listen, then share it on your favorite social media sites so someone else can enjoy too.



Your host,


Marlon .C. Parieaho Sarcastic blogger Disability Advocate Assistive Technology Trainer [sort of]  www.theblindwayforward.wordpress.com Phone: 18682915488  Skype: blindcop98 Email: nrkey98@gmail.com  Twitter: @MARLON86653888

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