Dreevay in the dark, Episode 6 – Grape jelly meatball sarcasm sandwich

In this episode Marlin takes you to Tabór House Bistro. You can find Tabór House Bistro on Facebook as well as on: 868-355-4420 Cor. French and Methuen Street Woodbrook, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago Opens at 8:00am · — 2:00PM, 4:00PM — 6:00PM  Tabór House Bistro offers a fresh, intimate space with hearty food and original recipes in a perfect bistro


Your host,


Marlon .C. Parieaho Sarcastic blogger Disability Advocate Assistive Technology Trainer [sort of]  The Blind Way Forward Phone: 18682915488  Skype: BlindCop98 Email: nrkey98@gmail.com  Twitter:  @MARLON86653888 Persons Associated with Visual Impairment: Home BLINDNESS ought not to stop you! At PAVI we stand with you and work for you that your life will continue with quality. #54 Sixth Avenue, Barataria, Trinidad & Tobago  674-0336 Blind Welfare Association of Trinidad & Tobago The Blind Welfare Association of Trinidad & Tobago seeks to help the blind citizens of the country.  Corner Duke and Edward St.Port Of Spain 624-4675

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