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Our 12th episode of the ANTAD Podcast comes a day after Black Friday and a couple days after Thanksgiving as a result we talked about eBook readers meaning after the shopping is done then comes the eating and the curling up in bed with a good book to readI Warren opened up with a news article from the Google block where Google is working hard to protect its users from governmentbacked hacking as posted on its blog athttpswwwbloggoogletechnologysafetysecuritythreatanalysisgroupprotectingusersgovernmentbackedhackinganddisinformationMike talked about the new upcoming Galaxy S11We moved onto ebook readers where Ravi talked about Voice Aloud reader and Mike talked about the BARD Reader from NLSNational Library ServiceI Warren ranted about the Kindle app talked about Librera and how customizable it isThe Librera app can be found athttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidcomfoobnixpropdfreaderNext I talked about an app that I am super excited about and that is the Sullivan Plus from a South Korean team who would love to come on as a guest on the ANTAD podcast but owed to language barriers cannot at this timeSullivan Plus is located at the following URLhttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidtuatkrsullivanI also talked about an app called DigiEye a project from the University of Izmir TurkeyDigiEye is located athttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidcommimariyazilimdigigozNimer demonstrated a grocery shopping app called shipped located athttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidcomshiptgroceriesWe closed the episode with tips of the day where Nimer demonstrated how to change the versbosity in Talkback and I demonstrated the clipboard feature of the GBoard and how to easily install apps from the Play StoreAs always we welcome your comments questions and concerns by sending us email messages toantadpodcastgmailcomTo join the ANTAD mailing list simply send a join request message toantadsubscribegooglegroupscom

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