what is email marketing and how does it work

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what is email marketing and how does it work

In todays post i hope to answer for you,

what is email marketing and how does it work

Damashe and I the other day recorded a podcast episode it was the email marketing automation examples – DM5.

in that podcast we talked about ways you can automate your email marketing services using tools like Convertkit.

an email marketing service is a service that will let you keep in contact with your customers via email. Hence the name email marketing.

Typically people enter their name and email address into a web form for an incentive,
often the generic incentive is given,

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Side note, No one wants your newsletter, they don’t give a damn about you, they want to know how receiving emails from you is going to benefit them.

This is part of a course i created before back in March of this year.

If you enjoy it and want to check out Convertkit for 30 days, then please check out the free trial by submiting your name and email in the form below.

If you don’t see a form, then you can simply click to get your access.



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