Feedback – Trello – And WP With Me

In this episode i talk with you about getting Feedback, How you can use Trello to keep track of that feedback, and of course I had to mention my WP with the blind guy course. 


In This episode I ask you to email me your feedback about the podcast, and how you would explain what the podcast is to a friend or coworker of yours. Reply, leave a comment, or just shoot me an email and let me know what type of feedback you have for me regarding the podcast.


As I mentioned in the podcast as well, I’ll use Trello in combination with if this than that to keep track of your feedback and implement it into marketing messages and podcast content. Thanks Tom of iHabilitation CA for the idea about starting a “With Your Eyes Closed” series. Additionally, I mentioned that you shouldn’t forget about your WordPress with the blind guy training that’s available at a substantially discounted price, especially since I found a lot of the videos.


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