Five Ways to Teaching Blogging Faster

On today’s WordPress Wednesday podcast I’m going to talk to you
about five ways you can teach wordpress faster. If your interested
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This article
will detail all of my goals relating to the
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projects I’ve got coming up.

So today I want to talk about teaching WordPress faster. Here
are five ways to teaching blogging faster.

1. No your material. Have experience in what your teaching and
have done what you’re teaching at least a couple of times. If you
know what you’re teaching then the whole process will go a lot
faster. You never know what could go wrong and having practice will
definitely help.

2. Outline a course. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want
to sit down and hammer out an outline, especially when motivation
strikes. However having an outline or syllabus will definitely help
guide you in figuring out which direction you need to go in. Turn
some of that motivation to produce content into an outline of sorts
so that next time you have motivation you know what you should be
focusing on. Check items off as you finish them. The best thing
about having an outline or syllabus is that your customers will
easily know what they’re getting. These outlines can easily be
turned into a slideshow or webinar so as to better reach your
target audience.

3. Don’t try to teach blogging as a whole. You can teach how to
install a blog, or how to set up a membership site, but you can’t
teach how to install a blog, set up a membership site, post
articles and create a course management system you will surely burn
yourself out. Besides, people don’t want everything, they want what
they can use.

4. Produce actionable content. Teaching means you’re able to see
the success of those who you are teaching through the actions they
are taking. If it’s easy for people to access the training they get
then they’ll act on it. Don’t confuse people, make it as easy as

5. In order to make it as easy as possible you need to use means
of automation. Set up an email follow up sequence that will send
out all of your training videos. You could also host a membership
or community course site. Once you’ve automated what you’re doing
you can help more individuals while spending more time with your
family. The best thing about automation is you can implement it in
plenty of other work from home situations.

Next Wednesday I want to point you at some other resources to
learn WordPress as a blind user. Remember that if you’ve enjoyed
today’s content you should subscribe to the podcast and leave a
review. Tomorrow we will expand on automation so stay tuned to
learn more.

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