Future Interviews, the Club, and infographics

In this podcast you’re going to learn a little about the future interviews I’m working on, what’s going on with the your own pay podcast club, and hear a quick rant of mind telling you why you shouldn’t use infographics. Or, if you do use infographics, here’s something you can do to implement a better experience for all users. Though the blind community isn’t the largest, you’re definitely missing out on ways  to connect with people whose lives you could change.


This Monday on blab I’ll be interviewing Jon Lyon, you can watch from this page below or subscribe to the show on blab here. If you want to support  then click here to buy his album in iTunes. I’ll also be interviewing other passionate and professional blind or visually impaired individuals. If you are passionate about what you do and you want to share your story, definitely get in contact with me today. I would love to talk about what you’re doing and see if you’d be a good fit for the show. The blab will also be sent to the podcast on Monday afternoon, subscribe in iTunes with this link


This morning I announced to the your own pay podcast club waiting list that I’m going to be opening the doors on Tuesday sometime. I also gave them a clue as to what time of day I’ll be announcing it, however it wouldn’t be fair for me to give you all of the information here. If you want to be the first to know when the you’re own pay podcast club is open, subscribe to the waiting list by Click This Link (then move focus to bottom of the page if you use screen reader to subscribe). Or simply send a text to:


Only Containing the word:


And you’ll be the first to hear when the doors are open for this brief 48 hour period. Oh yeah, did I mention that the first time I open the podcast club it’s only going to be $4.95 a month? Will I open it after I close the doors? Yes, however the price will probably be doubled at least.


If you use infographics, something I came across today kind of frustrated me. I downloaded an  info graphic in hopes that I would be able to use the KNFB reader  to read it it. However, the info graphic wasn’t clear enough for the application to use optical character recognition. Therefore, only parts of the image were readable. Here’s a solution for those of you producing infographics so that you can include everyone who wants to see it. Consider extracting the text and making a plain text document and or a hidden page with the text that a blind user can click on the image to open. For best use, open this page in a new window, so that when he or she is done reading the text of the info graphic they can then close the page and return to your article. Listen to the podcast for some ideas.


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the interviews I’ll be conducting in the near future, the news related to the your own pay podcast club, and a tip for making your infographics more inclusive to everyone. If you did, feel free to subscribe to the podcast club waiting list, send a text message to the number44222

that only  contains the word:



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