Hanging Out With Mike Malarsie

Recently I had the opportunity to interview an amazing individual. If you don’t know Mike Malarsie you don’t know what you’re missing. Today’s interview is going to blow your mind because Mr. Malarsie is taking action and making things happen. You’ll hear all about it in today’s interview but Mike lost his vision due to circumstances beyond his control. He’s a dad, a veteran an an amazing adventure taker. If you like today’s content definitely share it with your most active social media presence. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

On Mike’s Youtube channel, he shares his experiences including driving a car at 100 miles an hour while blind. He lost his vision in 2010 when stationed in Afghanistan as part of the Force after an IED exploded, killing four of his friends and hitting him in the face. After waking up and discovering the was blind, Mike decided he was lucky to be alive and owed it to the guys who died to live life to the fullest. Since then, he has been sharing his story and always striving to make the most of life.

Mike started his first website, How To Be Blind, shortly following losing his vision and buying a mac. What started as a small youtube channel quickly grew into a website with podcasts and other useful info that could potentially help other blind users. He has also been a public speaker and participated in many outdoor sports events. Now he is changing his focus so that he can give back to all the people that have helped him since losing his vision by volunteering and assisting with charities or athletic organizations. In addition to all of these projects, Mike is working on writing a book and continues to maintain a personal blog.

In order to keep up with his busy schedule, Mike often uses apps to jot down or record a thought. For the most part, he keeps it simple by using the Notes app that comes with every Apple device and synchs to other devices. Being blind, he feels he doesn’t need the flashy features that other apps offer and prefers the simplicity of notes. For audio, his most often use app is Dropvox, and occasionally the app Just Press Record. His advice is to do what works for you and try things out until you’ve found a solution that allows you to get into a good routine of staying organized.

Getting average people that do the things he wants to do inspires Mike to make the changes he wants to make within himself. the books:

“The Power of the Unconscious Mind”


“The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”

Have also changed his life and spoken to him as an individual. He loves the use of iCloud to synch everything across all of his devices. As far as podcasts go, check out these favorites of Mike’s that he recommends to all:



How stuff works,

Platform University


the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

Mike’s advice to all?

“take it one day at a time

do now evolve later”

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